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Oct 2015
The kidnapping of Brian Allan

You see Brian Allan decided to stay out all night because to his eyes his family were too boring and he went out and teased all the conservative men and yeah they were upset from what Brian was saying about them, they decided they don't wanna be conservative anymore and planned to kidnap Brian and lock him in the basement of a school, and then these men decided to take a few other kids with him, and every hour on the hour, the kidnapper would
Come down and push Brian and the kids down. Right to the ground
And then the kidnapper would say
You kids are going to suffer like ******* and Brian managed to get free and tried to dig his way out but fat chance, cause it became an
Impossible feat as the kidnapper came back in three him in the panel van and said you are going to die tonight. You will never see anybody
That you liked ever again and Brian
Was scared but he knew he believed
In previous lives but he really didn't want to die from this kidnapping and
He said let me go, why don 't give me back to the kids, they were having fun teasing me, but the kidnapper said. No mate your not
Getting teased you are my kidnap
Victim and I will make you suffer like hell, cause you are from the old fogie family and buddy you are still like us
And while you think that we are adults to kids when we don't need to be, you will stay with the kids till you
Learn the error of your ****** ways
And before Brian Allan could scream very loud, the gag was put tightly around his mouth and Brian and those kids were held captive there for years and years as they went by
And Brian was trying to say, I thought you were treating me like a little cool kid, to keep me away from
Adult worries and the kidnapper who
Claims he can only read Brian Allan's
Mind and said I am not ya fucken daddy buddy and then the kidnapper said, I have kidnapped Brian Allan away from being a different kind of kid, you see you are too shy Brian to be a actually family person, just hang around being kidnapped with the kids in this dungeon and mate you are way cooler than your family, they ain't getting kidnapped but you are
Yeah I have Brian Allan with the kids
Never ever ever to be an adult and
Brian Allan and the kids were struggling to get out and this forced the kidnapper to come in with his rifle and ready aim fire but Brian managed to get free and said. Would
You please let me and the kids go from your clutches buddy and the kidnapper yelled with a loud voice
Neh you kids are with me forever
You will never ever be good enough to be one of the young dudes and the kidnapper said I am one of the young dudes, you see kids I have kidnaped you guys to make me one of the young dudes and then as Brian Allan tried to get out the kidnapper put a Hand around Brian Allan's mouth saying you are no longer like us, man, I am anyway ok
And then after 6 hours from then, Brian Allan got free and untied the kids and they carried sticks to bash the kidnapper if he destroyed this little escape plan and they managed to get out of the cave and ran to the nearest bus stop and caught the bus home and the kidnapper tried to look for the kids one of the kids fdther, who was a hunter gunned the kidnapper down and killed him and
This fdther was let off with a suspended sentence because he was protecting his son
And Brian Allan wanted to change his life from that day and then after
4 weeks that kidnappers son who was worst than his father kidnapped
Brian Allan and kept him locked
Up in a cage at the local zoo, with the ferocious lions and Brian Allan couldn't escape, actually Brian Allan found it hard to get out and the duct tape was put really right around his
Mouth and Brian Allan was thinking this kidnapper was going to let him die and the kidnapper said, no Brian
I ain't going to **** ya, the ferorious
Lion is going to eat ya up while you
Are tied to this stake and then the kidnapper said heh heh heh heh heh
I have Brian Allan snatched forever
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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