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Oct 2011
A Fragment of my Imagination

a mere product of mental invention
a true democratic for the good of all
what a whole new world of wondrous convention
if everyone stood and heard the call
not what is in it for only the me
but what is best for every creature we see
a balanced world of arm in arm
no shoulders of cold or thoughts of harm
no billionaires or legions of poor
but no free rides either each playing a part
never a taxman knocking on your door
a vision of peace right from the start
no borders kept locked a true melting ***
soldiers not needed because never a war
medical breakthroughs and discoveries so hot
our own personal challenge of raising the bar
no seperation of religion or color or ***
our leaders true leaders egos checked at the door
working together nothing too complex
caring for our earth our dogma of core
how long must we argue battle and fight
when will we at last get something right
John Lennon and Jesus cried give peace a chance
reach our hands to each other sing and dance
what could we possibly actually lose
for thousands of years we've proved the current theory
has done nothing at all but make us sad and weary
  when will we finally be finished paying our dues

Gomer LePoet ....
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Missouri
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