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Sep 2015
She sits in her room and remembers the empty words...
They swore they would save her, but she wants to soar with the birds.
One cut to make it stop hurting, to make it go away.
Two cuts, because she will pass out before she sees another day.
Three cuts, because two just isn't enough anymore.
Four, because this one will surely take her to Heavens door.

Hush Little Baby don't you cry..
Mommy swore she would never say goodbye..
Hush Little Baby don't say a word...
Daddy swore he would save you from the screams that went unheard.
Hush Little Baby don't you scream...
No one will be there to save you from the nightmares dream.

She wakes in a pool of her own blood, and it makes her cry.
She was hoping this time it would be it; she would finally die.
She cleans up the mess, because no one can know.
She smiles a smile with an angels glow.
They all think she is happy and fine.
Soon, she will be lost to it all, soon she will be Mine.

Hush Little Baby don't you close your eyes.
They were supposed to save you, now she says goodbyes.
Hush Little Baby don't you fall...
Death is coming and he will help you through it all.
Hush Little Baby don't you die...
Depression will take you and sing a lullaby.

It's to much, and there is nothing she can do...
She tried it all, but no one can here the screams...not even you.
She lays in bed and writes her goodbye.
She doesn't address it to anyone because no one will cry.
Once it's written she sets it down, she knows what to do..
She takes the pills and slices her wrists, she says goodbye to the ghost of you.

Hush Little Baby don't be sad.
They won't even notice, not your mom or dad.
Hush Little Baby don't fear the other side.
Your baby sister will be the one to find you had died.
Hush Little Baby don't feel bad...
You made your choice, it's to late to be sad.
Written by
Babygirl  22/F/Saint Cloud
(22/F/Saint Cloud)   
   LiLMiSSHoTRoD and ---
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