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Sep 2015
12 August 2013*

I remember my first love
Like how I remember my name
My name written next to hers
Or like a chorus to the song
We used to sing together

I remember her face
Every time I look in the mirror
As if she stares through my eyes
When our gazes used to meet in the air
Or how we withdraw from each other

Some things are constant reminders
Of what our years had been
And we know, we are wiser this time
Love is no longer a game,
Played by two people in love
But a serious commitment
With all honesty 'n' devotion

We have learnt from those mistakes
Swore to never repeat them
It pains to feel it
It hurts to remember again

All the fun 'n' excitement flew like balloons
Short-lived, yet it brought us happiness
Sweet as a cone of ice cream
Meltin' under the summer heat

There’s nothin' like first love
And everythin' that we used to have
We always remember, we don’t forget
But we no longer, feel the same
Time obscured the mem’ry with smoke
Forgotten like ashes, of a dyin' cigarette
Briefly inspired by Yiruma's First Love. L
Éli Antoine Piémont
Written by
Éli Antoine Piémont  Manila, The Philippines
(Manila, The Philippines)   
   --- and RH 78
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