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Sep 2015

                                                       ( & love )


Real love --- I mean

Not the pussyfooting kind

The kiddies talk about round here


Fierce with totality

& completeness

and the Child in her arms


Fierce with democracy and freedom

From this pig society

Of psychopaths and  Paedophiles  

and sexless twits pretending that

Once it was

They FELL in love !

( who could believe ! )


The rain


People !  Emerging !!

From out the prison of their uselessness

Fierce with pride in humanity

And the desire to be and sustain

The world and the creatures in it


so sad this sick sick place

And the death that is everywhere

Sick sick

Our compliance

They want us dead so we **** ourselves


We are so full of ****

Even if we really cut our wrists

No blood would come out

( ONLY **** )


but stupidity is threatening

So people like to see others weak


( I can really relate to that !!!! )

Fierce with the desire to be real

We start thinking on our own

We start living for ourselves

Written by
jeffrey robin
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