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Jan 2016 · 1.2k
( < • > )
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

A loveless Nation

( everyone claiming to be so much .... " in love ! ")


But then :

All the movies are about zombies and vampires !!!!

( our true selves appear ! )


The only thing we do


Is to destroy ourselves

We do it openly but not



We call our immaculate hatred

" LOVE ! "

All the better to hurt someone

Despite all the claims to love and respect for

All our fellow poets here

The fact that we purposefully distort Reality

in our works in order to confuse each other

Is a sign of total disrespect and hatred !

This disprepect and hatred

Is our real feelings for each other

Why should a poet give a **** about what your so called lover feels about you

When obvously he or she

Don't give a **** about you )????

Such is our daily dying in the public square !

Muddy ****** uselessness


I love you

(?so ******* what?)

We only talk of love for a purpose !!

Sick and demented !!

But a purpose !!!

( to cause and spread pain )


that's as ugly as we are

Jan 2016 · 1.1k
.:: o -- > another day
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Reading the poetry of the dumb *****

Trying to cram a boy

Into the steel trap vacancy

Of their meaningless lives

While I probe into the lines

Hoping to find a remnant

Of something human

//              //


the gentle power

( creation )

The saint in celestial wisdom

Gazes into the pulsations of grace and humility

That linger amid

The countless assassinations

That are the mark of the world's depravity

dumb **** life !

The loveless pretensions !

( no one is really here at all )


Just a bunch of kids

Getting ready to be *****


By others

And by themselves !


The stream that flows by the cabin door


The pure maiden !


Alive in the healing magic of her art !


The tenderest memories !


And we ALL are there


The young boys and girls !

The sacred words !

The wealth amid the poverty


We DO understand !


Along the broken dream streets

We stumble


Trying to escape madness into the

Hearts of each other

Most trying to find solace

In the exicitment of pain

And the herd mentality

Of terminal indifference


Child !

Be ready to choose

Even l am mortal

And will be here for only a little while more !



Don't get slimed by a dumb ****

And their promises of numbness

As a form of peace !

We are the warriors


The stream flows by the cabin door

See the pure maiden !

Find the love that is true

You are ALWAYS welcome there

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

she walk on egg shells lost in fear


Oh she

In her dying world

She writes to a lover who ain't never there !

He didn't want to die with her

She doesn't have the will to love

So she just pretends

And writes her poems for imaginary friends

In her dying world


Oh yes

On egg shells !

Playing games impossible to win


She opens her door but no one comes in

Cause she never opens her heart


Walkin in fear

Begging for love but won't let no body come near


Lost in her dying world

Lovely little girl she is

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Now that all fear is gone


The mountain up ahead

The gentle child in her arms


We are doing something else


We will war no more



I mean

If ya got nothin to say except what ya did with yer ***** and **** last night

Why don't ya just shut the **** up ?


Is it that hard to just shut the **** up till ya got something to say ?

Stop dying publically

LIVE !!!!!!


After all the fear is gone

Only love

Shall be here

jeffrey robin Jan 2016
(       =      )

||                     ||

oh yeah we

We be goin home


No no more
No no more

These killing games
these killing games

Rich versus poor

No no



Playin no more


Done  with the inhuman

Expressions of humanity

I am what I am

And shall so forever remain

Goin home

You can come with me

And we will just go home

We will go home

And there we will stay

Jan 2016 · 668
) =•= (
jeffrey robin Jan 2016
(                  )


( born in the eternity )

In the vast fertility

We lie together in the manger


Let us sing  sweet hymns of glory !

>> << ( • )  ( • ) >> <<

my life unfolding IS my name


You do know ( I am sure )

All of us

All of our lives

Are simple stories

In pure unfoldings


Amid all the noise we make

//   ||  \

Unite in real

Or die as strangers

In the war zone called

Your Street


Aren't you tired of all the crap yet ?

How come you ain't tired of it yet ?

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Out there ?



That's a fine thing to do !


The problem comes when YE call

Runnin round gettin laid

LOVE .... !! (??)  !! (??)


It ain't LOVE

It's runnin around gettin laid is all !!




Is something all humans just gotta do !


Love is universal !

A healing

A holding

A bonding

A binding

It is necessary that we all    LOVE

The family is love

The neighborhood and the community

The country and the world

The universe and far beyond

The universe and all within

This is LOVE



Run around and get laid !


YE still gotta love and be the source of peace

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

then who will be here ?


See the gentle eyes


She sits in the park

Watching over

The afternoon's children

As they seek
some semblance

Of the angel mother

That they want to believe

Is here



Amid the shadows

Amid the movement of strangers

Amid the police

And all the rest

She watches over them

And with her gentle eyes

Calls upon you

To join her in her lonely task

Of renewing the spirit of man


If not you

Then who shall be here ?

Amid the darkness

As the light

That we have been given

To shine

And show  the way

To the kingdom ?

Jan 2016 · 433
( cities are burning )
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Palpable pure hatred

From the sewers and alleys

From all the human dwellings

Child of the millennium

Within the greed a festering

The inhuman faces

Of the strangers that we see


The nation has fallen

The end of all civility

Cartoonish leaders

Blood from their mouths dripping

Onto the bloated bellies

Of the sterile ladies


An  there ain't no

To be seen


Only wailing children

Amid the flames

Jan 2016 · 343
/// ..... love ..... \\\
jeffrey robin Jan 2016
0    0

/  ( • )     (  • )  \


I think we all need

A little big more understanding

There is a mountain there to climb

A holy wisdom to attain

Amid the lovely ladies in pain

Are 1000 children calling you by name

She has a warrior sister

Let's go there


The waters !

Time to walk upon the waters !

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

We are here and it is good


sweet child sing

Be the only power in the world

You are the mighty force

Of absolute righteousness


Some speak of despair

Of lovelessness and desperation

You speak of truth

The truth you live and understand


We are here and it is good

We aren't going anywhere

Sweet child sing

I will stand right by your side

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Muslim loving

You know the type !


Welfare scamming

*** pervs

And drug addicts

• )?( •

An dey hate god

An dey hate you    

and dey wan ***** yer wife

And da kid !!


Bad bad libbie !!!



Let's deport them all back to hell

And build a fence so they can't get back in

And ban that compassion crap

And give government the power to **** anyone

Not opposed to Big Government

That'll show em !

Jan 2016 · 530
/--\ 0000 /--\
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

The only brothel in town !

The bright moon song of the wolf

And the maid

She of the wishing well

The broomstick and the big cigar


She stands sideways in the alleyway

Buxom lady
Fer sure !

The midnight ride on the el -train

The rain is falling

As do I

jeffrey robin Jan 2016



oh for a sense a home

A sense of human decency


Too many corpse children

Piling up

In the heart

In the streets


Oh for a sense of peace

a sense of peace




God won't  mind


He hardly notices

These mundane things



Wanders down by the railroad tracks

Gettin on

Back to you

Hop the freight to eternity

Back to love

Back to truth

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Amid the gangster thugs
Who rule the world

Lost in idealistic ideology

We look for love amid our
Fellow slaves

All so very indifferently


Just for a moment of escape  


Just for a sense of transient peace

We die in midst each other's arms

Amid the gangster thugs who rule the world

The elections and the football games

Jan 2016 · 284
--- shall we (?) ---
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

the mood !

Another day

Another chance to view

All the possibilities


Another day

Another chance to choose

To become a whole and righteous man


If you are in the mood

If you are in the mood

Jan 2016 · 301
hello poetry
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

THE SHEEP                                    baa baa!                          
                baa baa!
baa baa                                                       THE SHEEP
THE SHEEP                          baa baa !
baa baa !                       THE SHEEP
                           THE SHEEP                            

baa baa !

Jan 2016 · 356
..::- we (?) -::.
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Everywhere is war

( • )  ( • )

Walking nakedly

We ask for love


Ofttimes nakedly we get laid

" this is it ! " we say

( • )

The winds of time


The ways of war

//// • ||

Only you are left !

( You and your god and your righteousness )




( we ! )

Reality (?)

Is there One or do we just do what we do ?

()()  ()()

Everywhere is war


Is war

Jan 2016 · 292
... everybody .. (?)
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

( whose that ---
                                              --- knocking on the door  (?) )



Where do you think you are  ?

Why do you say the things you do ?

(      <  ( • )  >    )

what do you really want ?

What do you really want from me ?

What are you truly offering the world ?


Everybody !

The people who live !

Life !

Beyond your mundane words of your mundane world !

Jan 2016 · 329
) . ( --- * <> * --- ) . (
jeffrey robin Jan 2016
( • )   ( • )


she had a **** spectacular !

And she offered it to me

(• !!! • )

I thought


but then I thought


jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Just a plain ole loving girl


There is a cabin in some mountain





forever is a word don't matter none

We are all friends here ....




I never thought I'd meet a girl like you

In a cabin somewhere

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

The pure light shining


A solitary figure


Hope appears again l

It sweeps across the earth

I too

Overcome fear and come forth

) (

On Logan mountain

There is a man

A man that you would like to know

Jan 2016 · 220
.../\ ^^ 0 ^^ /\...
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

the last ...


Why repeat ?


All we do is ugliness

Why ?


The beauty !

Can't you see ?


One !

Just one !


Aren't you sick of yourself ?

Why repeat ?

Tomorrow ?  Same as today !!!


Oh god !

Help me  !

Jan 2016 · 456
my name is pissant charlie
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

( same as you )


We are so very susceptible

To overestimating

Our helplessness


We don't have to worry about going astray

Death knows just exactly where we  are

And won't let us become lost


that we are given a script by demons

Telling us to hate each other

And so we do

Is  a very depressing thing to see


Pissant charlie

( for sure )

Jan 2016 · 315
0 ... oh? ... 0
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

The day !

Oh what ?

We are so very rude !

In the middle of a song !

Boom boom boom !!!!!!

Some say we all gonna die soon


In the raging river


Only one !

One small boy

Trying to live

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Are we going to the mountains ?

                  Oh oh oh oh .... ( !!!!!!! ---->

Are we going to the sea ?

Yeah yeah......
( long as you come with me !!!!!---->

I'm a pretty little girl

I'm a pretty boy too

as long as there is a chance

I'm going stay with you


I been in the factory

I been to the wars

Spent some time in prison

••        ••


Come with me

Come come

Come with me


mountains and seas

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Who could ?

Not me !

Vulnerable ... (?)

Hurt able ... (?)

Weak ... (?)

geez .... I'll take one .. At least (!)


Disposable !

All the funny looking broken girls !

Out the window

On the street

In the alleys

Dead meat little lover girls !

.... I hear they're  goin down for free these days !


I love you !

So what.... (?)


Bad karma


Stupid girl

Jan 2016 · 342
.. after the poets >
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Have finished with their

Polished vapid lines

And the child reads and sees

That he is not even there at all

That he ( and the world ! )

Fall into despair

And death comes

And the poems get blow on off the table

And cover the forgotten child

Fallen to the floor

Jan 2016 · 401
.... poet
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Speak !!

( now that all


Are gone )


Now that all the mighty deeds are done

And only    

Childish men



What is there to say ?

All we hear are the whining fornicators

Wailing for their sold purity

• (!) •

flabby breasted pretenders

Of femininity !

Poking into anything that trembles

Getting poked by anything that moves at all


All the righteousness has faded

The poets write ******* and try to sell

It to the world

Of growing children

Whose lives they destroy

All the heroes are gone

The poet !



No longer the revealer of Law


Sings for praise

In the ******* of popularity

And dies

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

/    \


we sit by the fire and recall old lovers

//                             //

( now that death is here )

Oh yes


Amid the hungry children      Crying

the angry dying refugees


Sit so lovelessly

The day !

( Ashamed of our very presence )

Stumbles along

Old forgotten paths

Seeking some

Remnant sadhu or saint


in shadows

We weep

We who could of saved the world !

Beyond even despair

We sit by the fire and recall old lovers

(  whom we've betrayed )

And the possibilities we passed on by

( in our lust and greed )

Now it is over

Death is here

As our memories fade

And love is gone at last

Jan 2016 · 330
/__ 0 __ \
jeffrey robin Jan 2016
/                          \

o            o


little Joey went to school

Came home insane

little Mary didn't

So she's alright


Eating berries in the summertime

Gazing thru the stars in the night


We weep

For we are the heros of human - kind


We wander herbal fields

And healing minds

Wanting just to see you there


oh yeah

Everyone is crazy so we are crazy

But be don't

Hafta stay crazy

Jan 2016 · 398
... .. . dream softly
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

there is an angel sleeping soundly

The water flows deeply lo ! a well

And a child and a man somewhere

:: •  ::

she is a good girl

You know what I mean

A good girl


We all want a good girl

The soft dream is crushed in a hard heart

•     •

She loves the sad boy cause she can stop his crying

And he will call it love


She lived in the mountains 40 years


The snow !


We come for tomorrow

And the unborn

Dream softly

The angel sleeps soundly

And god is near

Jan 2016 · 253
I do ..: really
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

the bells toll

                        ( Someone wrote an ode about the old days )



Somehow we always know

Where to go


We really do understand everything

:                  :

Cause we really know what's ahead

Cause we truly know where we been


The vision of the ancient primordial dream

The nakedness of love

The purity of lovers

The bathing in the

Flowing stream

the bells toll

( life or death )



The ode to the old days


The one true child we are

Jan 2016 · 428
/ / == ... come ,
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Oh won't YE come (?)

by the
Old theater tonight

On the

**** headed street

Just you and me and the child there


Won't you

Give yourself to tomorrow


Be it's seed (?)




Need you right now

I need you right here


The years rush like a storm

And people disappear

Into sheer madness

And the god damnest of lies

And if you don't come

That child shall die


Soft the rain

The mist

Cleanses the mind

The street seems peaceful

The scene seems mild

( Just for awhile )

the loneliness


Moon dead in the sky



I need you

To be with me tonight

jeffrey robin Jan 2016


You are my darlin girl

•  •

the bright sun

High in the holy sky

The mountains

Gathering up the pilgrims

For the mystic fight

The light rain falling

Are YE ready to die ?

The light mist settling

Are YE ready for life ?


Made us a reservation

In a hostel by the manger

Someone special

Will be born tonight


You You

You are  my darlin girl


We be here for the duration


You my darlin girl

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

But I don't mind

Why (?)

Because I love her

•  •

She told me she liked to **** boys off

Two at a time

That's the kind of girl for me


Lost in a loveless time

Making stuff up as we move on

Put it all into a poem

For the crazy people out there

jeffrey robin Jan 2016


( lost in


                              Madness !!  )


talkin a love !

Madness !


Violent love !



it's madness !

( not love .... )


Hungry crazy loveless people crying for madness

To be what they want !!!!!

( love ??!! )



Lost children forever !

Hungry loveless

Children forever !

Hoping that madness

Is the same thing as love !!!


Oh here I am

Walk with me the 1000 miles

Unto the orphanage

Where the past and the future meet

The motherless child becomes

The loveless woman on the run


Sacred waters of the soul  flow deep

Yield unto true nature

And you will never thirst again


Swift flow days

Unto glory and peace

And everybody finds joy

After the mad obsession ends


And we see each other

Face to face

And melt into the sight

Of the sacred Eye

and the holy light that shines


Jan 2016 · 386
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

She wore her loneliness

Like it were a saintly

Cross of gold


Speaking of DEVINE pain

( for she knew so very

Little of love )


she lies in her bed and begs


A dream to descend

Into her bitter

Cold despair

I who love her smile at her shame

Knowing laughter as what might heal

Knowing her as one in a "hiding place "

Allowing sadness to become her friend

Is what destroys her in the end

Jan 2016 · 345
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

there are so few of us

Seem willing

To take any



being done


The "movie "'roles on

Cops and robbers

And an audience

For the most part

Fast asleep

The children weep

The world itself closes in

It is so very hard to breath


And then (?)

Yes indeed ! Yes indeed !



And here we are


For the awards show to begin

Jan 2016 · 317
jeffrey robin Jan 2016




And the easy way

And the open road


The river song



Lost children

Needing love


The hour of

Perpetual Dawn


We are so oblivious of reality

::                   ::

What it is we really want


Each other (?)


Well yes that's the thing


Shy creatures

All alone

Feeling weak

The winds blow

The structure of the universe

Moans and creaks



( as people do )

Drift by


The easy way

The open road

)) ((

The river song

On and on
On and on

Life or death

On and on

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

I just said I wanted to *******


( oh & by the way

YOU were a **** GOOD ****

That's for sure ! !


That's why it hurts so much you gone !

( a ****  good **** ! )


I want ya  so . . Sweet all time babe

In the badlands of the city


Singing bag lady blues

To the young at heart


jeffrey robin Jan 2016
(  • )

she my love

The naked beach

The unmoored sky

The shifting light

Is that her swimming in the misty night

In primordial seas ?


The story !

Weaves itself unto a picture

Who can tell ?

The visions part


Gods and Goddesses remain

A hint of seaweed and a sweet mermaid


the song is  

Of us !

Yes !

( boys and girls )

In tomorrow story

Standing totally

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

The white Ferris wheel
Stands against the dark black sky

A tiny sliver of a moon

                 ( Off to the side  )

Tells stories of an ancient mystery

And the unanswered  question

Of mortality


And why we love each other

Though we know we die

Is our truth's bright banner

Which we proudly raise


The white Ferris wheel

Stands proud and turns so gracefully

We wander the fairgrounds for awhile

And then we finally go home

Jan 2016 · 365
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

tiny urchan village


With the bones and dust

The water !

Rage !


The gods !


We are
Strong !

We are true !!

But it doesn't seem to matter much

Round here


The soft display

The true man !


Binds the wounds and bid we bear on


The deed is done

And the trial

Is over


The sun rises

The old woman and the man

The child wanders

The young growing boys and girls

Make their own way
And create their own laws

And their own children
In their own worlds

And I am glad

We rest for a while and move on

We move and for a while , then stay

Forever where we ought to be

The  vision of the urchin ragged village fades

Only free peoples remain

in the grandeur of their own choosing

jeffrey robin Jan 2016


I guess that's true

( sorta )

You know

In some half -assed way


You know

Politics and all


Sorta true


True enough to fool the masses

Who want to be fooled

Jan 2016 · 389
murdered by rage
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

When we hate

When we rage

We ****

We destroy the children who see

But don't understand


We sap the energy from the world

It is pure addiction


What will we do about it ?



100 million little instances of personal rage ... (?)

WW 3 !


Rage ( anger )

The ultimate terrorism !



We are murdering each other !




We are murdering each other

By our rage
And anger

And meanness  

Jan 2016 · 418
wild stallion
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Death of the nations

||                              ||

Meditation in the hills


( ah

How we talk of the resurrection

Though none are saved )



Wild stallion !

In the hold of holy nature

And god's love

We ride boldly indian mountains

Toward the only true sacrifice

The real blood !

The only sanctity !


Love !


Wild children

Do not be decieved

Love is not in the domain

Of idle chatter


In the silence of pure shared wisdom


Is love known


Only in the union

Of human angels

Joined together

To heal everyone


The day dies and we are seen

As we were


Intended to be

Jan 2016 · 310
... the only question ...
jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Are we ever

As a society

Of individual communities

and independent people

Gonna sit down and meditate

And become enlightened

And act in the world from a point of

Personal Sovereignity


are we NOT going to do this

And remain enslaved

To the basically unknown

And uncomprehended forces

Ruling our lives

Jan 2016 · 470
) .... yes (
jeffrey robin Jan 2016
( • ) <> ( • )




I come

From the holy womb

From the first heart beat & breath .... )


( you do too .... Would be my guess ! )


Being in true love is really quite easy

If you walk the 1000 miles unto consciousness


We are a nation without roots

We worship an imagined past

We seek solace
in images of greatness

And great men


A veil of darkness covers

Our heart   & mind


The god we know is gone

Went and got himself a job

In Washington


Gonna run for president next time


We sold our birthright for a bowl of



Our only truth is on Fox News !



AWAY from the half - assed lies !!

Unto the mystic flame

Unto nature's pure nurturing

Unto each other's eye

Into the center of creation !

The first heart beat and breath of life

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

We got some things to do for sure

                                ( Something about how today

Is gonna become tomorrow )                            


The storm clouds fill the sky        ( war song )

Little ***** children are making love

Hardly know how to stay alive

Hardly know what is going down

Don't even know how to find out

,,,,( ),,,,

little lost children playing house

In the middle of the poisoned field


Going  here
Going there

Standing in the same dern place !


Come on down - pal - come on out


The world is ours

Let's act that way

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