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Sep 2015
Memories are stories we tell ourselves in our minds,
But I am not a good story-teller, and neither is time.
It is after midnight and I may soon forget
All these thoughts and tonight's regrets.
But this was different, I let you in my head,
Risked scaring you away with what I could've said.
I know I get names and faces wrong,
And forget the lyrics to my favorite songs,
But among the temporary you're one of the few in my life's cast
The few that I pray, would always last.
I easily forget and let memories slip away,
Occupied with thoughts of tomorrow and not of today.
But I am trying to tell myself a story now,
Writing a piece of history, not knowing how it'll sound.
A story I want to keep, about someone I'd like to remember,
For a very very long time, if not, forever.
Wally The Walnut
Written by
Wally The Walnut  Philippines.
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