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Wally The Walnut Oct 2015
Someday that one day will be a vague memory
Trying to savor every minute and precious story
But why do I feel like i'm trying to keep the sand in my hands
All these waves keep coming to go,
I wanna know,
why they keep crashing down on me,
And why I can't keep you from the sea
Wally The Walnut Sep 2015
Sitting on a broken seat
You wait in the dim light
Cold hands and cold feet
Dreading the rest of the night

Tight skirts, loose tops
Every touch is always too much
Yet you hold your breath
and hide the pain
But there's a voice in your mind
That keeps you sane

I'm just a passerby
But I see you with my own eyes
I see your soul, I see your life
I love you
I know you are loved
I was stuck in traffic somewhere in Cubao and I saw all these prostitutes. I was just wondering what their story was and it just broke my heart. Each life is precious, & every soul needs to know Him.
Wally The Walnut Sep 2015
Time slips away unnoticed
As I tinker with illogical ideas.
While the world sleeps,
I am animated
With moments I know I cannot keep.
Wally The Walnut Sep 2015
Memories are stories we tell ourselves in our minds,
But I am not a good story-teller, and neither is time.
It is after midnight and I may soon forget
All these thoughts and tonight's regrets.
But this was different, I let you in my head,
Risked scaring you away with what I could've said.
I know I get names and faces wrong,
And forget the lyrics to my favorite songs,
But among the temporary you're one of the few in my life's cast
The few that I pray, would always last.
I easily forget and let memories slip away,
Occupied with thoughts of tomorrow and not of today.
But I am trying to tell myself a story now,
Writing a piece of history, not knowing how it'll sound.
A story I want to keep, about someone I'd like to remember,
For a very very long time, if not, forever.
Wally The Walnut Sep 2015
Not the kind that quenches your thirst,
but the kind that kills your fire.
It will drown your mind first,
then altogether your heart's desire.

— The End —