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Sep 2015
guess what!, i just found out that john f kennedy died in 1963

and i offer my condolences to you and guess what!

martin luther king died in 1968, i don’t understand but they both died

guess what! mrs baker died and i have no idea who died in the civil war

do you know, know what, who died in the civil war

no, but i can tell you, many people died in the civil war

my reincarnation died in the civil war, learn buddhism

because they will have the answers you will need

guess what!  paul berenyi died, that is a shame

i learnt it off the paper back in 1995

guess what!  elizabeth montgomery died, and so did agnes moorehead

two TV witches dead, but agnes moorehead became sabrina the teenage witch, ya know melissa joan hart

guess what!  richie benaud died, and he is waiting for his next life

you see i have heard about these negative deaths, and i wish you will stop

death isn’t uplifting, it’s negative, ever so negative

i believe in spreading positivity around this world

and talking about these deaths don’t help

we need to keep positive in us, ok, and then he said, guess what

frank sinatra died, but that is a negative thing to say

but i like talking about death, but it’s very negative, ya see, then he said

guess what!  robert palmer died, ya know the guy who thought he was simply irreistable into being addicted to love

sure makes your day doesn’t it, she said, no it doesn’t, talking about death is negative, i tell ya

and if you don’t stop talking about death, i will make you next

but guess what! news flash, i like talking about death, i have an uplifting version of death

you see when people die, they come back to life

cause guess what! billy thorpe died, he has been dead for ages, mate, quit talking negative

you need to be positive ya know, you see i will do a giant **** in my living room, i feel lousy

drop the **** in the toilet, feeling much better, you see i can tell you who dies

guess what! trevor barker died, he has been dead for ages, you are a very negative person

guess what! scott mcdonald died, well, you just love being negative

guess what!, christians are kidnappers after your fucken soul, well you are showing me

what happens on youth group, well, i don’t want to know, cause it’s negative, i believe in being a peaceful positive buddhist

people die, they come back to life, people die, they come back to life

you see i go to the phoenix, for the poetry slam, i try and bring back graham kennedy

because guess what! graham kennedy died, i said, mate, he’s been dead for ages

and you mate are being ever so negative, he said, no, death is uplifting, it is uplifting

how you die and then come back to life

guess what! smoky dawson died, but he has been dead for a while

but i saw him at the anzac day march, so television is right yet again

guess what! guess what!  guess what! 1 person dies 1 person gets reborn

the circle of life, don’t ya think
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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