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Aug 2015
All written on the calendar
Crumbling in my pocket
Is only a  forsaken air
Of the Sometimes you scribbled

And all the photographs
Hanging since the execution
Serve as the deathbeds
For our soon-to-be  autumn

There is no red thread
Falling from the sky tonight
Just a stained glass I forgot
To put back in order at last

I have no watch
Slithering around my wrist
For time has escaped your fate
And I shall be in charge

All for myself

I am out here only to remind you
That our eyes are only as rough
As the heart long shredded
You comforted them with knives instead

The eyes we used to pair
Never peer into the lonely couch
That sung old ballade
Together no longer

And in our last supper at this foul home
I have seen nothing of the love
On your half-painted dinner plate
Or the hope you incinerated behind my head

But I have missed you
Too far alone
Under these cold empty tables

I am out here only to remind you
That our eyes are as big
As the heart you’ve demolished
That is now rising from the dead

And with that
I can only see the world
The way you forgot
Our last prayer before bed


I’m leaving home
Watch out for the stars
They are lone wolves
Feasting on others

No one is home,
I have set ablaze
All the forlorn dolls
You have loved

You will never go back
And I shall do the same

No one is home,
The windows are barred
The hearts are locked
And the walls are full of corpse
Written by
Noandy  Surabaya
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