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Aug 2015
From time to time I walk to the rivers edge to think.
Of everywhere I've been.
And all the places I'm going.
Or at least all the places I want to go.
And I stand there and think of how I got there.
How much I've had to grow.
This Summer, this Year, and all the other Years I've been alive.
And I don't really mean growing older.
Even though I guess I have, to a point at least.
I just mean how much I've actually grown.
How I've grown apart from people I once loved only to grow towards people I've just met.
How I've grown into knowing who I am.
How I've grown into my passions.
And as I stand there watching the current go by.
I can't help but wonder how much more I'll grow before I finally say goodbye.
I also think to myself how weird I must look standing on the river bank staring at the water for like twenty minutes.
Written by
   --- and Weeping willow
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