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Jul 2015
She was once a ruthless Amazon
She fought for pride and honor
War was the norm
The battle was always raging

Then a liar came along
Disguised as a lost prince with a dark past
He won her over
Made her believe she was a Queen

The once Amazon warrior fell for the fake prince
He dazzled her with kisses and touching words
And the heart she thought to be dead
Beated with a burning passion
Her love burned for the "prince"

With a wicked smile he told her the truth
Told her he never loved her
Told her all he said was lies
He ripped her heart out
Laughed when she began to weep

The poor Amazon Queen fell to the ground
She clutched her old battle ax
Saw the warrior she once was
With an agonizing cry she slammed her ax onto the ground
Through the broken ground ****** tears spewed out
She drowned in her crimson tears
As the fake prince woed another innocent heart
Javier  Garza
Written by
Javier Garza
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