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Sep 2011
Her eyes were smolder,
Black thick charcoal,
Coating her fire burning
A thousand days of sun.
It seems a wonder
Her skin was milk,
Not tanned hide
From the scorch
She held.

Always a lover
But never in love.
The idea she longed for,
But to have - ended longing
Therefore she never took.
In dreams with pining
Was her fun.
The very tongue of lust,
She was the taste,
The desired delicacy.

Stolen away
Were the many hearts
Of men from youth to elder.
She held them in
Her swollen grin
As if to say
I own you.
The affairs were best,
No better test
Than to abrade the strings of love.
And when she won,
(She always won)
She claimed sweet scandal,
*I own you
Alexandra Dakota
Written by
Alexandra Dakota
   Faith and Roberta Day
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