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Sep 2011
The two voices speaking
Rapid faints
Like the worker boys behind darkened scenes
Lovers quiet
We could hear you
Gasping up for air
Swiftly sounding in the sheets deep close in despair
Why were you there
Why could I fear
The dying drums of living souls
Beating down upon my ribs
Feeling violence
Seeking silence
Among those fleeting
So drowned and

Why was I the sips so deep
Beneath the bottle
That called you mine
You were what once
Was inside
My hearts beating cloud
To represent them aloud
You weren’t scared
Were you sacred
Were you lost in doubt
Or were thoughts tried
For fleeing blessed cries
We all knew
But I kept quiet
As you spoke her
Last remaining sighs

Where was your mind
As I passed by your streaming sidelines
Glancing few at the moments left
As a clock counted down
The remaining minutes of your depth
Of field below my body, my fingertips
Her thighs and smiles and swollen lips

Who was it you looked at, her or I?
Who was it to bite the sweet
Apple of your eye.
Alexandra Dakota
Written by
Alexandra Dakota
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