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Kenneth Fox Mar 2016
Bring me back, bring me back alive.
Cause in this feeling I can't seem to last.
Take me from death like I haven't felt the life.
Even with the light I can't seem to see what's left in this flight
But I've found in you
What holds me so high
Kenneth Fox Jan 2016
Let's run away, even if it's only for awhile
Whatever that means
The stars and moon wait for us, guide us, if only we'd grow some feet
There is the road and there is our mind
The two don't seem to meet
The two can't be handled
So why are we even complaining?
If it isn't what we want
If it's not a reason to be willing
But even after all the thoughts we lost it all to excuses
And meant for it to have some **** meaning
We shake our heads and we nod carelessly
We live vicariously through the television actors
And believe we've gone to the moon and a million.
Kenneth Fox Jan 2016
Drugged to the floor, but I couldn't open my eyes to make out whom it was who struck me down.
Even with all these experiences, god those failures I still cannot command this, this wretched heart whose weight lays heavier than the lies that it has managed to let spill
And whose poetry would reach my ear to steer myself farther from what I've been searching for
Even so I couldn't forget this wasn't enough and everything you gave I just wanted more
Because the hole I dug out is too big to fill and all the nothings I crammed in has amounted to what it was equaled to, this that I've been left with, what I'm happy with, is this feeling of being able to lose myself again and again to find it has been everything all along that has given me complete freedom
And in chaos I have learned that I havent been short of anything
Open my eyes wide enough I did, oh and I saw that it was I, who had given the blow
Kenneth Fox Dec 2015
The world spins in reverse in light of the sun burning out
Slowly spinning, slipping into a state of satisfactory self destruction
No one to let it know it's waiting on doom
Or make it feel like the end is coming sooner than what is already planned
The moon continues to fade
The sea is still wading, bringing in the wait upon the sands
Not wanting, or needing, being it simply does
And everything that burns it's little light inside lives and recycles and breathes an air of infinity
Kenneth Fox Nov 2015
99 On these back roads
Lit up empty in a city everyone knows it's name
The bitter sweet song plays on the stereo
Her voice escaped me
But I knew her words would take me on a new second
On a new road where no one knew it's name, or her name
And the mailboxes raised its flags to be emptied
Cozy tiny homes filled with families waiting to die
pouring poison down into their endless pits
Hoping one day a miracle would turn the wind the other way
They wanted a dream that lived while they were awake
That storm did come when they were held, while they were touched
How powerful, nothing they could do to leave
It drew them closer the stronger they desired to have it
And around it came with its winds, and rains and fire blew upon their little homes
Swept up into the ground broken and in need of replacement
They picked up the bits of the photo frames that held their memories
And offered up to the sky what it already took from them
Kenneth Fox Oct 2015
I stood in the silence abiding the time until you spoke
Even needing you couldn't bring you out from where you're hiding
Sometimes the dullness of life left me feeling like I never got off on my feet
Never got to the door and never leaving
So when I called out your name no one listened
And now that I'm nailed off not a name is spoken
Then where are you, and when are you now the person that you promised
I waited so long and haven't found the thing that you left me with
I thought it was love but love is broken
An epic that everyone was involved in, no casting
So where have you been?
Not lost in the darkness
Not found in the light
Still sequestering in the beautiful night above
So slow so still in the quiet air now my love
Does the north bring me to you?
And the south back to where I laid?
Yet in the black and blue there is no sign, no shadow of where you lay.
Then where is it?
When does it?
Will it be where the unknowable plays?
Because you won't tell.
And the leaves can't say.
I'm left with everything that I want to create
But when I want nothing what is it then will I delineate?
To you about all the questions that my endless curiosities leave me every single day.
Kenneth Fox May 2015
You stay hidden beneath your clouds
Never to free yourself from the chains on your eyes
Never to see beyond the destruction
You could step forward and be who you dreamt
Instead you took a bow and plummeted into deep space
Still waiting on someone to save you
Darling, no ones coming now
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