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Sep 2011
Jungle Jim

I step quietly through the foliage
each step one foot in front of the other
thorny bushes reaching out to grab me
large webs with entrapped insects
being very careful watching intently
poisionous snakes are abound
an occasional grunt from gators
warning not to come any closer
they guard their young viciously
my exploring buddy Jim warning me
about the wild boar seen lately
large prehistoric looking birds swooping
and making screeching sounds
finally I hear I got it I got it
the treasure we had been seeking
now to retrieve it and make our way
our way back out of this jungle
look out for the huge spider I yell
and Jim ducks just in time
we finally see the clearing ahead
whew! Wasn't sure we would get back
dam Jim next time be more careful
next time hit your 7 iron instead
now what did you get on that hole?

Gomer LePoet ....
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Florida
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