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Jun 2015
The seven deadly sins of man
have just slaughtered a
mocking bird.

The sound of willow drums
                     & laughter at 1 a.m.

The Lion's sin of Pride
                   "Hail the poet within you."
The Dragon's sin of Wrath
                   "Your words forge death on the page."
The Snake's sin of Envy
                   "The clock counts more words than time does."
The Fox's sin of Greed
                   * "Crave the words as if they disgusted God."
The *Grizzly's sin of Sloth

                     *"Immortality flocks to your pen and paper."

The *Goat's sin of Lust

                     "Dress like a daydream or a nightmare to write with blood."
The Boar's sin of Gluttony
                      "Don't be afraid to **** to suffice your poems."

Oh poets,
for those of you who've figured
it's also a sin
to ****
mocking bird.

The secret is in the eighth deadly sin of poetry,
              ­                    Tell.
                ­                    To.

This is for
The Dragon Prince & LycanTheThrope

© Copywrited
Written by
Skaidrum  The Basalisk's Chambers
(The Basalisk's Chambers)   
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