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May 2015
Every year on the twenty first of February you are the reason for the big smile on face
You add a new prettier bigger candle onto my birthday cake
You bring me into your strong arms and give me the warmest hug that a father could give
Every year I wish for the same thing, for you to spend my birthday with me again
The perfect husband and father
You are my mother's soulmate
And my best friend
You, however,are nonexistent
You left my mother
And you never showed me love,not even on the twenty- first of February
You never gave me a warm hug not even once
In my imagination is were you live
But reality would always get rid of you
And it broke my heart every year on the same day
Every year until my sixteenth birthday I wished for the same thing, for you to spend the twenty first of February at least once with me
All I wanted
All I needed
Was to be your little girl
At least just once
On the twenty-first of February
But you are nonexistent...
Written by
Sirena  nyc
   --- and Eiliv Advena
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