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Sirena Nov 2019
ever missed a person
but, then realized that what you really miss is the person you were with them and not them?
I thought I missed your cold hands at the beginning of the school year, around my neck as you kissed me
I thought I missed the way your foot steps sounded next to mine as we walked to your house
I thought I missed the way you looked at me before I knew you loved me
but, maybe I just miss how naive I was
maybe I just miss believing in someone
maybe I just miss high school, the way the hallway smelled, the way the locker room was painted, the way my feet felt as I ran in circles around the gym,
maybe I just miss being 15, being 16, being 17, being 18
or maybe I just really miss you
the way your bed felt
the way you touched me
the way you made me feel
Sirena Apr 2019
this is not a poem, it is simply the truth

I am sitting here looking pretty
I am sitting here no longer greedy  
I used to think that to love someone it meant that I needed to  remind them
remind them that I am still here and that I will always be here
looking back I can’t help it, I feel stupid
I watched too many movies, read too many books, wrote too many poems
Society put this idea of what love is in our heads and we run with it
to act obsessively
to be possessive
to be crazy in love
But why can’t we be sanely in love?
Why can't we give the person that we love space?
Why cant we meet each other in the middle?
I have a secret
the moment I let go, the moment I stopped reminding someone that my love is unconditional
I grew spirituality, mentality, emotionally
the universe treated me like a gift, a precious gift
it is sad to say but I felt like the moment that someone said they 'loved me'
they belonged to me
subconsciously I used to see them like an object, especially when I felt like I didn't deserve how they treated me
see my problem was that I was trying to find worth from someone else
I held on to people like a rope,
even after the break up
I realized that I will never be satisfy if I am not comfortable being open
but I couldn't be open
I was holding to a rope so tight that I needed both my hands, completely covering my heart
I broke the ropes
my life got better, this is not a poem this is a public announcement
No matter how much you love a person, no matter how much you gave them
that person does not belong to you
if they love you and if you love them
there will always be a middle
the middle is like nothing you could imagine
the middle is more about you
to be in the middle you need to sit pretty, you need to not be greedy
you need to put your legs up and enjoy yourself
you need to have a good time alone, and with new people
but most importantly you need to let go
letting go does not mean you love any less
because when two people are meant they are forever tied to each other
because love is strong
love unites people
and love heals
and sometimes even though we love, we need to not be together
and that is okay
It took me 2 years but this is where I am. I hope whoever read this finds peace.
Sirena Jan 2018
What exactly is a poem?
Sirena Jul 2016
20 & confused
20 & learning
20 & unsure
20 & trying
20 & lost
20 & sad
Sirena May 2016
I don't know when did I lose you
But I miss you
Imperfections and all
Your pride, your assertiveness
I miss when you had my back
I didn't have to depend on anyone for my happiness, or love
It was just you and me
I had you and that was all I needed
But now anxiety gets the best of me, I sit here while it controls me
Everything is misunderstood and it's blurry and it's hard and it's not real
It's not real at all
I miss you so much
You were the only real thing I ever had
You understood, you listened
A hard love and an impossible love..what's the difference?
The way you allow things to happen and the way things happens...what makes more sense?
The last straw and the cravings for a love so deep...what can I do?
Reality and delusions
Reality and delusions
The Aquarius and the Pisces
My concious and my stupid damage
I miss you so much

Sirena Mar 2016
perhaps the reason why you assumed that I wasn't yours was because you are not mine
"you need to get over her..and that's okay"
what you really meant to say was "I'm not over her.. I need your help"
gut feelings
how I felt about you Jan. 15th is how you are starting to feel about me now is mid March
I am 10 steps ahead in love with you
you are making me pay a price that I never...ever
she broke you
you had me think that you were ready
but her name is on your skin, her clothes are in your closet, she lives in your memories...
I am paying
for her wrongs
and no baby I am not insecure
is this gut feeling
you are unstable
but when you look into my brown eyes and I get lost in your big dark ones
I swear the world stops, and I know that I am yours
Sirena Feb 2016
Don't let my ******* ways fool you, I'm capable of making you feel like heaven is a place on earth with me
I'll break that little heart of yours with just one sentence
Forever I'll b able to know what corners to hit for the deepest cuts
I am like your worst nightmare
And I can also make you feel like you're living a fairy tale
I'll look at you until you get lost in my brown eyes
And then I'll take your hand and help you find you
But don't get me wrong
I also get lost
At times I even feel belittled
I'm not perfect
I'm way too sensitive
I love too hard
But I also let go too fast
I am the girl that you want to bring home to your mom
But I am also the ***** that your friends tell you stay away from
I am toxic
But I'll come to you in the most beautiful ways
I am bipolar...
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