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May 2015
you were almost the death of me
the minute you tore my soul into pieces
feed my heart with the spirit of nostalgia

you were almost my meaning of death
driven by restless lust
i ached hungrily for your heart

you came alive in my nightmares
brought void in my bloodstreams
how will i ever feel your love again?

i travelled york of thy love
impulsively quenching myself with it
i had to escape the deeper pool of happy i was swimming in
let me escape ..

as you dip your precious temple
into thy pool of babylon
reminisce over our sacred eternity
where real love only exists

if its as real as we say it is,
i’m unanswered - why is it, long
only for the heat manifested in you
- why so envious of the love in your touch that only you own?

teach me to breathe in thy breath
for i am conscious of your flaws,
feed my heart with your lovin ways,
i enjoy your bittersweet body -
oh, what a walking metaphor thou are**

your heart is a fire i can’t handle
like a vile art
i always pull away from the flame
that is you ..
no, i’m not scared of burning,
i’m just scared of the kind of flame i’ll become.
The conversation became death, as the lovers felt the need to let their emotions be, to let their hearts be kept to themselves, and not be carried by a selfless, nostalgic lover ..

Written by : Elijah & La-Donna
#bittersweet #death #heart #love #life #sadness #soul #spirit
Written by
Elijah  South Africa
(South Africa)   
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