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May 2015
The silk was spun,
Finely woven
With threads of DNA and bonds of love.
Or so we thought -
These webs always intend survival.
To weather any storm come rain or shine,
To nurture the life that live upon it.
Intricately delicate, yet strong.
Or so we thought.
Not this one.
Not this time.
This web was a trap.
Pretty from a distance,
Even looked steady and secure for a while.
But you lost control of its construction,
And instead it was us that got tangled.
Our web became a lie,
Spun into a noose around your neck
and yours
and hers
and mine.
This was not silk
But ******* barbed wire,
And it slit all of our throats
and left us to die.
Alexandra Provan
Written by
Alexandra Provan  United Kingdom
(United Kingdom)   
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