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Apr 2015
Posterity and their hearts shall soon then tell,
Of Fate's cruelty in her wicked tale so brief,
When earthly bodies give heavenly farewells,
Forging gnawing sufferings to restful relief.
No numbering stars in tonight’s midnight sky,
Nor shimmering grains ‘pon the loving shore,
Will surpass the heart’s tearing goodbyes,
And wistfully rests the heart when in two it tore.
Alas, a glass shattered in two will we forge not,
Likewise the heart shall beat never the same,
And undoubtedly nay, beloved presence forgot,  
Please, O’ Someone let ‘tis treachery tame.  
A wish ‘pon thy loving hand a final embrace,
With parting hearts, engulfed with immense pain,
Lives yet another day besides thy unseen grace,
Awakes I, tomorrow with time growing wane.
O’ -  but a chance, a hope, and a single dream,
Callin’ to the gallant Moon, who aimlessly glows,
To ignite what once was but a simple stream,
Whose care and passions peacefully flows.
Maternal love - a passionate, yet endless river,
In time, may existence be but a merging sea,
Whose fair soul gracefully dances and quivers,
From what once was - to an embodiment of me.
A poem dedicated to someone that lost their mother recently - a poem that speaks of heart breaking loss and treachery, but with what darkness there is still a light, despite minute and dim. And alike a simple stream that flows and inevitably is engulfed to the sea, will too such love, care, and passion into oneself.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
   Cecil Miller and NV
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