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Jul 2011
How cruel a thing time is
How it drags us onwards relentlessly, against our will
No respect for our feelings, for what we might want
After all, assuming it's a man made invention
Why can't we decide when to go and when to stop?
When to run and when to walk?
Sometimes I just need a minute to catch my breath
Other times I watch the clockย dilly-dallyย for hours
As it playfully skips from one second to the next
Blissfully unaware of the urgency that surrounds it
Then there are times when I don't just want it to stop
I want it to never have existed
Like when you look in the mirror then ask me if you look okay...
Like when I glance at you while you're reading...
Like when I see you doing anything really
In any given theoretical situation
That is when I want time to just not be
That is when I want time to just not be there
I love you like I love butterflies
But butterflies flying everywhere
Amethyst Rock Star
Written by
Amethyst Rock Star  Glasgow
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