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Apr 2015
She seemed fine from afar,
from the place i've been sitting
she has been laughing and teasing
with her some of friends
this gotta be interesting, my mind said
after the group left her alone
the true color of her appeared
it changed my perception
the laughter became thin line of smile
that only God knows what the meaning it was
she slumped down to her sit
maybe she hoped the earth swallowed her abruptly

our eyes met and the feeling stuck on my lungs
how many times you ever got breathless
from the latter's sadness
how many people could be that beautiful
with dark cloud over her head
she was beautiful with her own grey world

her eyes tantalized me, her eyebrow quirked
it brought my lips to smirk
i could felt the air around me ******
by countless reason how the silence
felt like the choir of delighted cupids
her hair traced by the wind
as her eyelashes flicked in amusing

if you just take a look, if you
you would see that she didn't want any
but the pure attention and intention
if you just listen, if you
you would shake by the loudest scream
in the way her back slumped and her forest sighed

she was a thunderstorm and i was the sooth voice
she was a burning forest and i was raging ocean
she was a fuming railway and i was a barrel feeling
if you just stop judging about irony, if you
you would see the harmony within us
like the father kissed your forehead in the middle of night
promised everything would be better in the tomorrow morning
when you slept in anxiety and begged for mercy
poem for everything seems so irony, maybe we can stir our perception
Written by
shintaeun  in my own chapter
(in my own chapter)   
   Lior Gavra
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