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Apr 2015
How can I decide
When I know so little?
How can I know
When life is a riddle?
How can I love
What I cannot see?
How can my mind accept
What it cannot conceive?
How can I preach
When I do not understand?
How can I hear
Tongues from a foreign land?
How can I believe
Miracles from long ago?
How can I choose
Which words to follow?
How can I be like you
If it is you I do not understand?
How can we live together
When truth is built upon sand?
How can I worship
A God who remains silent?
How can I bow
In a world that remains violent?
How can I turn the other cheek
When it hurts so much?
How can I drink your blood
When your cup I cannot touch?
How can I be saved
When the wretched rule our domain?
How can heaven wait
For a mind that causes so pain?
How can I know you
When the words of man fail?
How can I know
When money is our holy grail?
How can I know the truth
When we believe a lie?
How can I know
When the answer is always why?
Mark Lecuona
Written by
Mark Lecuona
   --- and Ocean Blue
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