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Mar 2015
Messy hair growing out
She shaved the side of her hair because she was bored
He was wearing her black bucket hat that she never wore
She wore baggy shirts
Black coffee with sugar
He refused coffee, orange juice because he was specific
She waited everyday for him to get home
He always got home
Milk and cereal
She asked him if they should have kids one day because she wondered
He took a bite of apple jacks
She realized the irony of having that conversation over fruit loops or apple jacks or whatever
He picked her up from work at 10 pm, he didn't mind
She didn't say much tonight
He didn't either
Tomorrow is Friday, February 14th
She wasn't the type you bought flowers for, she knew that
So he didn't
She still wanted flowers
He never got her flowers
Valentines day
He cut a pizza into a heart shape, he was simple
She didn't even get a phone call on the next valentines day
He still loved her though
She couldn't do a lot, but she could take a hint
He did love her despite his actions
She understood
Written by
SydneyAnn  in my head
(in my head)   
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