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Jun 2011
When I couldnt take it anymore
When life knocked me to the floor
She reached out and grabed my hand
And Alice brought me into Wonderland

Down the rabbit hole we fell
Farther and farther down past hell
To a place where imagination strives
And only your deception keeps you alive

Alice and I travled in awe
Amazed at all we saw
Not even our thoughts were safe
Everything is heard in this place

And when the Queen looked our way
We couldnt think of what to say
She yelled "off with their heads"
Then I woke up safely in bed

Was it only a dream
And even Alice wasnt what she seemed
I couldnt bring myself to believe
That Alice would ever decieve

So I continued along
But never forgot Alice and her song
I knew she would come back some day
And she would be here to stay

And when life became too much to handle
In order to escape the lies and scandal
In hopes that this too shall pass
I followed Alice through the looking glass

I asked why she had returned
She told me I had a lot to learn
That I needed this place more then i knew
I agreed, nothing could have been more true

And even though I was scared
I knew that there was a reason she brought me there
And as I tried to emrace my surroundings
I could only hear my heart pounding

The sky captivated
And the flowers beauty devastated
The wind had its own power
And there was no clock to mark the hour

It was as if time did not exist
And I absolutely could not resist
All that this world did possess
But Alice told me that I did digress

She told me to really take it in
To let the emotion come from within
I breathed and I breathed deep
It almost felt as if  I was asleep

When I opened my eyes
I nearly cried
I was back and Alice wasnt there
And the pain was more then I could bare

Then I realized that she couldnt stay
And I simply had to wait for the day
That I could imagine being back again
Imagine a life with no end

And there Alice would be
Smiling and waiting for me
We would walk through the glass hand in hand
And skip along the streets of Wonderland
Marina Gomez
Written by
Marina Gomez
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