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Jul 2011 · 761
Don't Pity Me
Marina Gomez Jul 2011
Don't pity me
I'll write you into infamy

Under watchful eyes
No room for lies
No time for pleasantries
Blast them into obscurities

Don't pity me
I'll write you into infamy

Why bother with explaining
It's all too emotionally draining
Once again, it's just not fair
And I'm trying hard not to care

Don't pity me
I'll write you into infamy

Just pretend and save face
I've already fallen from grace
Ready, here comes my smile
Even though I'm hurting all the while

Don't pity me
I'll write you into infamy

Shh quiet, don't say a word
Sorry just forget what you heard
Don't listen, apparently I'm insane
Driven mad from all this pain

Don't pity me
I'll write you into infamy

I sit back and wait
While the puppet master decides my fate
It's a performance with no cause
I'm dying to the sounds of applause

Don't pity me
I'll write you into infamy

I could choose to lay it all out
And finally confront the doubt
But out loud, no I couldn't
I want to though I shouldn't

Don't pity me
I'll write you into infamy

I'll cut the strings and avoid the gaze
And look beyond the deciteful haze
Surpass that growing abyss
And cannonize all of this

Don't pity me
I'll write you into infamy
Jun 2011 · 606
Embrace the Tragic
Marina Gomez Jun 2011
Listen to your love
Though it may be lost
What about the soul
The essence of life, so, too has desire
I see the absence is tragic
But come friend, may you see the beauty

A wonderful thing, beauty
See how it befriends love
Who could know that it is a combination most tragic
Who could know that soon both are lost?
Leaving behind an aching desire
A pain that disfigures the soul

Ah the soul
That which shows the beauty
Of the person and your deepest desire
Granting you the ability to love
Even if it is lost
You must embrace the tragic
Jun 2011 · 494
More, Just Give Me More
Marina Gomez Jun 2011
I understand, I see how it starts
I've experienced the feeling
I know how hard it is to stop
I believe in addiction

No one can give the same comfort
No one will give me that rush
No one tries as hard to make it go away
No one, no one

It promises things will get better
It says you just need a little more
It tangos with the blood in my veins
It whispers ideas in my ears

Drugs don't say no
Drugs don't lie
Drugs don't forget
Drugs don't leave

More, all I want is more
More time to do them
More moments alone with them
More, More, More
Jun 2011 · 527
Marina Gomez Jun 2011
Wait, just don’t move
I have nothing left to prove
All I have is your smile
So please let it linger here a while

Wait, just let me catch a breath
If I don’t I’ll surely slip into death
But by you just standing there
I know you must care

Wait, say it again
Whisper sweet nothings to me, my friend
You’re voice is my favorite song
I could listen to it all night long

Wait, remain next to me
Grant me this one last plea
Before my eyes open and this all goes away
Keep this dream alive, will it to stay

Wait, please just wait
I promise it’s never too late
I know you believe
There’s no rush to leave

Wait, but what for
You’ve already shut the door
No need to say goodbye
Cause all that’s left is you and I
Jun 2011 · 566
The Moon
Marina Gomez Jun 2011
& I find myself staring at the moon
basking in her light
hoping she will give me guidance
praying she will help me fight

& I feel that God is in the rain
perhaps those drops are his tears
I see them fall to earth
then I know that he can hear

& I see the stars withall their gleam
they glow above without a care
showing me there is always light
there is always someone there

& I watch the clouds roll by
they block out all the bad
with every storm that passes through
it takes with it all the pain I had

& I know the sun burns hot
his heat would leave me asking
will your warmth always be around
now I know his fire is ever lasting

& as long as I have the moon
the clouds, the rain, the sun
the infinte sky of stars
then my life will never come undone
Jun 2011 · 988
Fairy Tales
Marina Gomez Jun 2011
Fariy tales, they’re not real
Happily ever after isn’t part of life’s deal
Prince charming doesn’t just arrive
Sad, loving tears won’t keep you alive

There’s no wicked spell that explains all the bad
No fairy godmother to help when you’re sad
No magic mirror that shows all
No saving grace to catch you when you fall

They’re just silly stories filling you’re head
Comforting words while you lay there in bed
Don’t waste away waiting for them to come true
Trust me dear, it’s not worth it to you

Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans
Love sneaks up while you’re simply holding hands
Try not to worry, eventually things are okay
It all evens out at the end of the day

These stories, well they’re just that
We can always walk away no matter how long we’ve sat
And waited for the one
Be happy my love, you’re story’s far from done

So that story book ending
Honey it’s simply pending
Promising to show its face
When you’re happy in that far, far away place
Jun 2011 · 548
Sea the Land
Marina Gomez Jun 2011
Waves are hurled from the sea
Smacking the rocks with chaotic symmetry
The sand is bothered yet not unmoved
Unsure what the water tried to prove
The sand settles down as it should be
And the waves are called back by the sea
The water whips and falls unforgiving
A body of water truly living
For this emotion could come from nothing less
Than an angry soul caught in distress
Hurt and reliving
A cruel reality deceiving
This pain is what throws the water around
What makes the waves crash to the ground
The sea is in love with the land
And desperately tires to capture the sand
There is no sadder sound
Than a lover losing a love found
But such is the tale of land and sea
A constant struggle of crossed destinies
As the water re-tracks, the land breaks apart
Shaken to the core by its broken heart
Like the water, the land wishes to be free
And wants more than a kiss as the waves leave
The land prays the water to return
And extinguish the passion that burns
Because the land is in love with the sea
And curses the forces that wont let them be
Dear reader, might you never learn
What it truly means to want and yearn
Each in love and unable to speak
The sea dries up and the land grows bleak
A tragedy given a voice
Through pen marks and word choice
In nonexistence, I believe them together
Cosmically intertwined forever
Jun 2011 · 11.9k
The Lion and the Lamb
Marina Gomez Jun 2011
And so the lion fell in love with the lamb
She thought she had the upper hand
But fate got in the way
And the lion had nothing to say
So they began a lfie together
Determined to last forever
For their love was stronger than you would believe
So intense it almost decieves
But the lion couldn't overcome
All the obstacles to be with the one
He left the lamb with tears in her eyes
And wouldn't return despite her tries
Now the lamb couldn't comprehend
Why the lion wouldn't spend
A life time with her by his side
**** the lion and his stupid pride
But the lion soon came to regret
The fact that he could ever let
His precious lamb get away
And now the lion knew what to say
He needed his lamb and needed her bad
See he missed the love that they had
But the lamb did not forgive
All that the lion did
But she loved her lion, she couldn't deny
Even if she couldn't explain why
And so the lion fell in love with the lamb
Stupid lion, stupid lamb
Jun 2011 · 457
What We See
Marina Gomez Jun 2011
And we can see the perfection
It hangs before our very eyes
No way to escape detection
No reason for us to even try

Its so close it seems unreal
A long awaited want
An attraction everyone can feel
A love we seem to flaunt

And it doesn't matter if all the world can see
They think they know best
What matters is how you look at me
So why consider the rest

I would rather walk next to you
A slow and passionate pace
Then let the masses tell me what to do
And turn this into an impulsive race

So let them talk, let them speculate
While we sit back and smile
And listen to the rumors they create
Laughing all the while
Jun 2011 · 553
It Started With the Rain
Marina Gomez Jun 2011
It all started with the rain
The pitter patter slowly driving me insane
And yet I couldnt complain
Though my words dripped with disdain

I enjoyed the idea of losing my mind
The thought that I could let it all unwind
Because the restrictions of life do tightly bind
This disease is the best kind

I can hide it if I need
But my heart it does bleed
And my head cant take the lead
My body no longer has the creed

To hold it all together
My sanity is lost forever
This cant happen to me, it could never
And here I am crazier then ever

And as I tried to embrace my new surrounding
I could only hear my heart pounding
The thought of this new mentality was confounding
I just wanted the voices to stop their constant hounding

Did you just hear what I just said
Im haning on by only a thread
Have I already made my bed
And all my rights have been read

Has all the hope finally left me
Has it ran off with my mind to let me be
Maybe they wanted to set me free
And insanity was the only way I could see

But It all started with the rain
Each drop reflected the pain
Symbolizing the emotional drain
Flooding my reality and driving me insane

And now I sit and wait
Even though I know its too late
It was all a trap and I took the bait
Winding up crazy was fate

Acceptance, sudden realization
Not an ounce of hesitation
No more complication
Finally the end, no more deprivation
Jun 2011 · 681
Alice in Wonderland
Marina Gomez Jun 2011
When I couldnt take it anymore
When life knocked me to the floor
She reached out and grabed my hand
And Alice brought me into Wonderland

Down the rabbit hole we fell
Farther and farther down past hell
To a place where imagination strives
And only your deception keeps you alive

Alice and I travled in awe
Amazed at all we saw
Not even our thoughts were safe
Everything is heard in this place

And when the Queen looked our way
We couldnt think of what to say
She yelled "off with their heads"
Then I woke up safely in bed

Was it only a dream
And even Alice wasnt what she seemed
I couldnt bring myself to believe
That Alice would ever decieve

So I continued along
But never forgot Alice and her song
I knew she would come back some day
And she would be here to stay

And when life became too much to handle
In order to escape the lies and scandal
In hopes that this too shall pass
I followed Alice through the looking glass

I asked why she had returned
She told me I had a lot to learn
That I needed this place more then i knew
I agreed, nothing could have been more true

And even though I was scared
I knew that there was a reason she brought me there
And as I tried to emrace my surroundings
I could only hear my heart pounding

The sky captivated
And the flowers beauty devastated
The wind had its own power
And there was no clock to mark the hour

It was as if time did not exist
And I absolutely could not resist
All that this world did possess
But Alice told me that I did digress

She told me to really take it in
To let the emotion come from within
I breathed and I breathed deep
It almost felt as if  I was asleep

When I opened my eyes
I nearly cried
I was back and Alice wasnt there
And the pain was more then I could bare

Then I realized that she couldnt stay
And I simply had to wait for the day
That I could imagine being back again
Imagine a life with no end

And there Alice would be
Smiling and waiting for me
We would walk through the glass hand in hand
And skip along the streets of Wonderland

— The End —