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Mar 2015
it was that rainy day i realized how cruel the world was
like getting hit in the face with a basket ball
it hit me all at once and it hurt
it was that rainy day that i realized how much i needed the people who were never there
it was that rainy day that i realized who had treated me like dirt and walked all over me and who had respect for me
it was that rainy day that i lost,
lost what ?
that little bit of magic,
that love you feel when you hug your mum or your dad
that comforting feel you get when your dad tucks you in at night
that bit of importance when you parents sit with you to do homework
all that taken away with only 5 words .......
it was that rainy day.
i know i really **** but i'm kinda just letting it out ......
Written by
Josephine  Ontario
       Pamela Rae, --- and mark cleavenger
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