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Josephine Mar 2015
one more minute
one more hour
one more day
one more week
one more month
one more year
friends and family
family you keep till death
but friends you will never really know
people say its not drama its an actual problem
but lets cut the *******
we only have two more years before we all split
we waste our time
time doing what ?
crying ? arguing ? hating each other?
why cant we accept what we have now instead of what has happened in the past
you have no control of others actions so control your own.
respect the people who have been there in the past,even if they betray you in the present
time is running out
running out for those movie nights , bonfires ,late night trampoline sessions and the freezing walks to parks late in the night
so laugh and make stupid jokes, hug and kiss whoever you want
have fun while you can cause times running out.
#highschool #movingon
Josephine Mar 2015
"its okay to not be okay"~ Jessie J
Josephine Mar 2015
I'm a little bit broken
my soul has shattered countless times
I try to pick it up a sew it together but
the darkness will only tear it up
please when will this end ?
its been forever....
I long for the feeling of no pain
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