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Feb 2015
He was a sea captain who ran a very tight ship
The ship’s name was “Evil Drift”
Captain Hammersaw treated his crew as if they were slaves
Punishment would be harsh if they didn’t behave
Once during a fierce storm, the waves would often overpower the ship and hit the deck, and cause it too dip
When one of his crew made a mistake in following the captain’s orders, Captain Hammersaw would throw a crewmember in the sea to the sharks
Captain Hammersaw would attempt to maneuver the ship and avoid the rocks
He was a shrewd Captain with determined powers
Captain Hammersaw could make one walk the plink with no time to think
Also the same that would feed anyone too the fishes of Davey jones Locker
But most importantly, Captain Hammersaw was a pirate that goes after treasure he wants and gets
But in Captain Hammersaw’s mind, there are no regrets
With the show of the sword, Captain Hammersaw is always determined in not to share
He is a captain you need to proceed in caution in beware
A man of the sea, an image figure who all can see
Into the waves of a ship’s unknown, and the fog that hide with the tails of another tide.
Written by
preservationman  New York City
(New York City)   
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