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Feb 2015
you never stayed with me until morning,

always leaving before you could leave a trace,

always leaving before my heart could become your place.

i finally started carrying a knife in my pocket so i could cut

ties with everyone who left me like you did.

you left me feeling like an unraveling thread,

coming a little more undone with every broken promise

that resounded with the words, "i'll stay."

my seams ripping with every, "i never loved you."

how many other girl have you said that to?

i'm tired of being the equivalent of a warning label on your

carton of cigarettes, never caring who you burn.

knowing that they're already killing you,

just as fast as you're killing me.

the worst thing about you is that you made it look easy,

and i personally should know that

loving you was never, and never will be **easy.
allison joy
Written by
allison joy
   Emmy Sun
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