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Feb 2015
The first time I ever spoke to you was like an over dramatic panic attack. I kept looking at the floor and trying not to stumble over my words, I was shaking all over and trying not to let you notice the deep red shade slowing camping out in my cheeks as you said my name. I felt like a waterfall of cold sweat was poured over me as you asked me different questions. My poor heart couldn't take the high and low speeds you gave me as if you were in control of my stick shift body, you smiled at me as I spoke softly to you in murmurs trying to make sure I wasn't falling into a bottomless pit of stupidity. You kissed my lips and didn't let go that's when the wind was knocked out of my entire body and I felt as if my body was no longer made of muscles and bones but of jello and sticks. But I knew as soon as I heard your heartbeat that it was burned into my soul. My breathes didn't follow with my lungs but with yours, I couldn't see anyone but you. No matter who it was, no matter where was. All my eyes seen was you. My ears only listened to your voice, my hands only reached for your shaking body.
No one falls in love with same. But I can try to explain what it's like for me everyday.
Hannah Mae -Nickelle Jo
Written by
Hannah Mae -Nickelle Jo  Indiana
   Realeboga M
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