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Feb 2015

you see, i am superman, today my friend

i am the party of a nation, oh yeah

i partied in and into every town, yeah dude

i eat up all my party oriental food

for music, the beach boys are good

and so are judas priest and iron maiden are radical dudes

and kiss wants to rock and roll all night, and party every day

and the king and all his subjects, sits down for a feast

i watch all the cool stuff on the computer, youtube internet, dude

and i eat some wild exotic food

i aqm the loudest dude, ya can’t quieten me down

cause i am not like geeky mark on home improvement

i am like the eldest two

ya know the boys who are very naughty

i am picking up good vibrations, ya buckaluck

i am sitting on gold mine, ya buck a luck

cause, if ya know what is good for ya, button up

ya see i like to party with dogs are talking by the angels

and i hate being told i am a little woosey, or an old dogie or a freak

woosesys old dogies and freaks don’t party, as much as me

ya see dudes, ya can’t understand that i am the king of party town

ya see i am a cool party rockin’ dude

i was a cool kid in school

if cool kids throw beer bottles on school roves or crawl between prickle bushes

i nailed the party test, cause i don’t believe in being a square freaky woosey

cause partying is my middle name, and reading poems at the phoenix is my game

RESPECT ME, cause if you don’t, you’ll be shamed from the young dudes

i am not a fighting man, i am a PARTY man, anywhere, phoenix or youtube

i am the party of a nation dude, i am the coolest dude around
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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