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Jan 2015
Brian Allan the Harry Houdini of modern times

You see Brian Allan will tie himself up, to see how the feeling of kidnappees feel like
And he will do it in so many ways, like wirg handkerchiefs and rope, and underpants too
He would keep himself ******* till the evil goes away, he'll do it, to get rid of anxiety
He also ties himself up, as if the adults are keeping him away from being a cool kid
And Brian Allan will put a gag on his mouth, to stop showing the losers who hang with him
Stop hanging with him Brian Allan will push himself down a really slim drainpipe
Just to check out his adrenaline levels, and while Brian Allan was doing that
A man was watching him with his XXXX Gold, drinking it to celebrate
Harry Houdini, of the modern world, Brian Allan
Then after 14 minutes Brian Allan got through, and saw him having his beer
And Brian Allab said to him, at least I'm having clean fun
And then went back home to tie himself up, and Brian was ******* in a cabin on a train
By a couple of really evil train Robbers, and Brian said don't take me
I am a cool kid, and the robbers, said, if we kidnap you, your parents
Will pay a big ransom for you, and if they call the cops, you will die
Just imagine, it mate, Brian Allan dead, yes, sweet
So Brian Allan keep yourself *******, so we can hassle the real *****
Yes, you aren't a cool kid to a tease anymore, but your friends not like us
He is a stupid clot of a bloke, yes, an old fogie
You Brian Allan, are a young dude
And if we keep you here forever, we will have you on our toast
You see we are the modern day witch's and we are after the creative Allans
Yes, I go into my room and tie myself up, kidnap myself so losers
Get treated like their important for being losers
Yes, my name is Brian Allan, the escape artist (Harry Houdini) of nowadays I ai you
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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