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Jan 2015
Your religion is a farce, you’re so much pious ****
You twist the Holy Bible, your “doctrine” make it fit
All the Moslems hate you…well imagine that!
They want to **** you all, and eat your brains and fat
The Jews think that your “Jesus”, was just some holy guy
You’ll all end up in Hell, I wouldn’t even cry
You’re Religious ****, upon you Paul would puke
Goody-Googy Two Shoes, you even ******* Luke
Go preach your farceass “gospel”, get everybody “saved”!
Never mind never mind, you’re ***** and depraved


Def: Farceass Gospel

Noun - 1st Cor 15:1~4 with NO SCRIPTURES
Written by
Elihu Barachel
   JWolfeB, SPT and CapsLock
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