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Jan 2015
It's a hard life for Dr Brife from the Buddhist temple

Dr Brife has just left Taibet to start up his own practice in Carlton in Melbourne, but the only problem is, that this hospital has just been reopened since the Coopers owned it back in 1991, and it has been given a facelift since that tragic bomb back then.
Dr Brife arrived there but amongst other things he decided not to say he was a Buddhist because most of the population is Christian and he feels that if he mentions his faith, he mightn't have a job very long, but, yes he was peaceful to everyone, no matter who walked through the door, on his first day he had a man who has alcoholic poisoning with not many days to live, and he asked Dr Brive if he can drink beer, becaus if he can't be saved, what 's the point of trying, at least he wanted to go out of this world having fun, and mind you when he says he wants to have fun, he is likely to have so many affairs, his wife and kids add them to the affairs about his will, saying which child will get which wife, none of them wanted these wives, but the eldest son wanted Teri Berger, because she was hot, but that just blew up in his face, and his next patient was Rob Parkin who was a retired doctor, and despite years of preaching to other people, he was so stubborn about his diabetes from too many candy bars, and Dr Brive told him that he must give them up or he will die, and the doctor told him to F off and then left without signing the piece of paper and Dr Brive said send out the bill, and his next patient was 11 year old Harry who at the age of 9 was diagnosed with cancer and he has been going to camp quality, a lot, and he has fun there, but today he was doing his kemotherapy and Dr Brive can't seem to find the cancer, and asked his old doctor for another opinion, because they did see the cancer before and Harry waited as they did tests and Harry was getting excited but Dr Brive said, don't get too excited, yet, because I haven't spoke to your doctor yet, and he knows more than me.
Harry waited for half an hour and then both doctors came in and Dr Brive showed his old doctor the chart and then showing him that there doesn't seem to be any cancer there.
Them Dr Brive asked where was his cancer located, and he said,,it was brain cancer, and yes, I can't seem to find it but I must check it a bit further, just to make sure it isn't going to find his way back, and then he checked and said, you haven't got cancer at the moment, but be careful, don't forget, your cancer looked to be hard to treat, so it could come back, I want you to visit Dr Brive once a week, just to make sure that it stays away, do you think you can do it.
Harry was so excited that his cancer has gone, from that day he wanted to have fun, meanwhile Dr Brive's next patient was Rita Hollingworth, and she has obesity, and she doesn't like doctors, even when they say that she is eating herself to an early grave, but Dr Brive didn't do that, in fact he was nice, and said the first step to losing weight is being treated like an adult, you see it keeps the peace and makes the big person feel grown up and motivated, and every day Rita would complain how downgrading the biggest loser is.
But Dr Brive said, just hang in there and remember to try to stop eating things you love instead of healthy food.
Dr Brive's next patient was also suffering from obesity but this lady also suffers from acute schitzophrenia and the medication that she was on made her fat, and she has no self esteem, and Dr Brive decided that really no one should be put on a un healthy medication and Dr Brive put hsr on another drug abs says we are slowly taking you off those awful hunger drugs and put you on Seroquel, and take 1 400 before you go to bed, and with everything going well, you should be feeling good again soon, and that was the end of Dr Brive's first day and when he finished he went to the Buddhist shelter and meditated for 1 hour, and after that went home to play Buddhist music in his garage, and the whole street liked him and wanted to hear his music as if it brought everyone closer to their Buddhist soul, which is the soul that travels between lives.
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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