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Dec 2014
Captured in the psych ward part 24

You see with all the work that Ron did about trying to find out more about this reading minds thing. Well, in St kilda, a group of teenagers walking through are threatened by this stalker who claims the only reason he did this is because he heard that the kids were saying kidnap us, of course that was in this man's mind but he grabbed the teenagers and as they were looking scared and yeah they were scared, as the evil ****** killer says you kids want to die, you see I have the power to read your mind. And it said kidnap us and **** us and that is what I intend to do and after the killing was made he was arrested and is currently at the watch house but Ron
Is trying to get the courts to bring him here, cause if he really can hear voices of those kids saying kidnap me kidnap me kidnap me, he has a mental condition and I think bill should move to the Indo ward but the police aren't that symphetic about that. As far as they are concerned he should be in with really bad people who wanted to **** him and Ron said, he says buddy yeah he says he hears their thoughts and reading minds is a ****** condition that should be taken care of, don't you think and the policeman says no mate he is saying that to get out of a hefty sentence and he needs to suffer cause kids mate are innocent and Ron said yeah mate yeah, but the HDO is still locked away from society it's just we monitor him on medication and the officer said haven't you got a teenager there and he said yeah I have but I can lock him in solitary
From the rest of the patients and we can monitor him, till he is on the right medication so he can't reoffend and the officer said ok, but if he causes too many problems there for you I will take him away but he is mental but too, I would think and while this was going on Charlie and patty and jim were walking around yelling at the nurses like shut up I want a better life in ways they say it and Ron gave the evening medication and then Ron waited there till the
Reading minds phedaphile came in and Ron had a work with him and he said, you see I hear voices in my head saying that these kids are asking me to take them and I grab them and then after that I tie them up and throw then in the hopper and Ron said what is your name and he said I am Gordon Plunnet and I am still thinking it's cool to read minds and Ron said yeah well not like that and Ron clocked off and went to red rooster and took it home and fell asleep on the couch watching TV

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johnny georgy brown
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