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Dec 2014
In an age where digital world takes over, smart phones, tablets, gotta-have-the newest gadgets; I find myself like most I know, uneasily able to break the mesmerizing soul ******* habit. “Knowledge is power,” they say. Well, we all know that power comes at a price. What happens when this digital world we've created for ourselves reaches its tragic end? Our physical earth has proved it can survive and thrive even the worst catastrophic calamities. Where life ends, somewhere elsewhere new life begins.

The earth is ever-changing, always evolving, its been this way since day one. In the beginning, it was called into existence, filled with life, made for love, a gift to everyone. We were given the world, all of us put here with a purpose in mind. We were created to love, cursed by ourselves to hate; the Tree of Knowledge, our first mistake. The powers of the universe, held sacred inside its fruit, were powers unintended for men to gain access to.

Before the fall of mankind we knew only of love and joy. We were at peace with each other and with the beautiful blue earth where we reside. We had control of our tempers, knew how to be gentle and kind. We were good to all creatures, with faith in the universe and in all humankind.

Once we cracked open that fruit the knowledge came pouring out. Emotions and fears unexplained to men, overwhelming our small minds, the start of the end. From here we felt shame, learned of greed and of power. While we have the ability to choose between good and evil, this knowledge is addicting and is now our nature to scour.

Back to the future, we have the world at our fingertips. Basing our life decisions off a solitary “click.” How ignorant our generation has become, how lazy, how selfish. How mesmerized and tranced by the virtualization of our unintended intelligence.

In the 21st century, humanity is controlled by the world-wide-web; by cellular reception; by media; this was not how we were bred. What happens when someone finally pulls the plug? An electro-magnetic catastrophe, perhaps, sent from the universe above. Prepare yourself now, for maybe an apocalyptic end isn't for the land we live on, yet for the very world created BY men.

Suppose this revelation has nothing to do with the fall of the physical man. Our weapons would be useless whether nuclear warfare or smart-phone in hand. What would happen if our most intricate machine crashed; the end of the cyber world, of life as we know it? How reliant we have become on the technology of our time; farmers have become less, replaced by the suited business man.  

Our lives rely on this invention, our brains they control, our hearts become weakened with too much bad news, we've numbed our souls.
Could you catch your own meat or grow your own crops? Could you care for your own body or survive without this knowledge at hands grasp, freely there? Could you survive this virtual apocalypse? Will you be prepared?

Take caution now, spend time away from the screen. Learn how to catch a fish and grow a plant from a seed. Laugh often, love hard, be healthy and kind. Make relaxation a priority, read a book to exercise your left-sided mind. Take a minute to breathe deep.  Pick up an instrument or paintbrush and spill your dreams. Spend time with the ones you love, learn from each other, lend a hand. One day we'll be forced to go back to the basics, back to the beginning, before the rule of man.
© 2014 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
Gemineyed Gypsy
Written by
Gemineyed Gypsy  By the Bay
(By the Bay)   
   Gul e Dawoodi and ---
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