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Pierre Ray Mar 2012
Only for you! It’s true! These eccentric-poetic and theoretic views! As we breakthrough those blues, those clues, the dues and the hues. I will wait, I will wait. Awaiting, through the chills the pills, the shrills and thrills! I will wait, I will wait. Waiting through the beers, the cheers, the fears, leers, peers and tears! Awaiting through the dreary and weary...

Through the lonely and phony years... Waiting through the erratic and sporadic. The drastic, elastic and fantastic! I will wait, I will wait. As rotting bait! I will wait, I will wait. Awaiting the date the debate, the fate and the weight. Waiting to articulate and procreate! Fascinating this procrastinating! However, I will endeavor and wait,
I will wait and wait.

Horary! Awaiting I say for our hour of power. Waiting for this blissfully and wishfully day that our disgraced, misplaced ways may physically brace with embrace, grace and trace! I wait and I wait. People wonder why I blunder in ponder? You’re like the flu doesn’t that bother you? Answer, father figure I never knew? Still I will wait,
I will wait, I will wait for you…
Pierre Ray Mar 2012
Despite the cheers, fears, tears and years. In spite of pain or of the rain… the distain in vein! Oh dear it’s insane! Hear the reindeer as they adhere, jeer and peer? Now remember the chance and dance; their glance and stance. Wow! Remember how they pranced? Remember
September? Barefoot on top of bear’s soot. The colored leaves, in only

our shirt sleeves. Remember October and November? The heaps of discolored leaves. Remember December, remember the embers? Remember to achieve and to believe. Remember to grieve, to perceive
and to see. Remember above the coves, the doves and the shoves,

remember love! Remember the deranged and rearranged. Remember the angels, the angles, the dangles, the strangers and triangles. Remember the countless and the relentless. Remember the byes, the cries and the whys. The lies, the doggy-puppy eyes! Remember the

awkward and backward! Remember the smiles, the many, many miles... Remember the romantic picnics? The manic, the panic attacks! Remember the blacks and the smacks! Remember the debate, the fate, the great and hate! Remember and endeavor, forever…
Pierre Ray Mar 2012
Alone in my head, it feels like I am dead. Alone as a foe with only an afro and bow. Therefore, I bow my head. My name in blame and shame. Alone, depressed, disowned and suppressed! Astounded and dumbfounded in profound! I am unfound. Alone, I’m beaten and unshaven, I haven’t eaten. Alone, I was left a theft. Lost and forsaken,

could’ve you been mistaken? Cheated, mistreated and retreated. Alone, hear as I groan, as I moan! Seated and defeated! Alone near those depleted, repeated streets. Alone, my feet in torn and worn cleats. Alone in my own haven with black ravens, attacking and circling the havens and heavens thereof. Above, dark clouds gather

and loom together... Whether the weather be in doom or gloom! As those black ravens, zoomed in that proud weather with their feathers. Alone, am I left to atone? Is this my quest or a test? As I ask for rest of the best! Alone, must I learn to cope or devote? Alone, I hope not!
I alone, thee quote! Alone from within, never, never again?
Pierre Ray Mar 2012
Such an abused past, much vast… Darkly basked and masked!
Badly, sadly bruised or roused, from the cold or scold! Bold or
old! Coerced or forced! Victims of heroism, terrorism, **** or
scraps. Casual, intellectual, punctual, sensual, ****** or virtual.

However its clever affliction, direction and infection. Its con-
densed defense, a pretense of self-sense and intense suspense!
Unfortunately, if induced, seduced or misused, the abused may
eventually fuse! An abstruse spruce, controversially in use.

Gratefully to some; the increasing of peace and a truce is to become.
I proclaim with claim! It blames, deems and seems forever! For those endeavoring, policing and severing this noose and nuisance of abuse!
Pierre Ray Mar 2012
I frown, I frown because I am depressed, suppressed and stressed! I frown, I frown in astound because of my awesome, blossom dreams; their themes seem so afar! I frown, I frown because of my scars and because of some of the stars. I frown, I frown toward the ground because my family is seldom around. I frown, I frown because of clause, pause and jaws! Because of some laws and animal paws. Applause with cause, because I once was that class clown... I frown, I frown because hate is great! It constantly, readily surrounds; it's because of this I frown, I frown!
Pierre Ray Mar 2012
Horrid and morbid, bitter, glittered and littered memories! Automotives, adaptive captives, movies, motives, Natives, locomotives, obsessive and possessive. Some awesome, brilliant, different, ignorant, persistent and resilient. ****** and exotic! Some memories are eccentric, fantastic, futuristic, magic, logistic, optimistic,

plastic, realistic, tragic or sadistic. Some random sizes with hidden prizes! Blameful, gainful, lameful and painful. Dreary destinies, diaries, inquires, weary rivalries, stories and theories in memory.
In theory, memories made from cheers and fears, jeers and tears!
Of amends, amens, omens, gems, hymns and stems. Memories

abbreviated and dedicated, deviated and medicated! Memories cased,
edited and erased. Evangelically, eventually everyone inherits! They’re like tiny merits! They spike the psych. They strike and are unlike. Memories of bites, defects, dislikes, effects, fights, flights, insects, logics, neglects, objects, plight, projects, protests, recollects, reflects

rejects, respects and suspects. Memories of fate and hate! Some are not great. Memories of schemes, screams or themes of dreams that seem. Memories of small, memories of tall! Memories in despise, memories
of lies. Memories of wise; beyond the skies, as I close my eyes…
Pierre Ray Mar 2012
Consisting of grown, persisting as shown and unknown. Insisting entities, rivalries and sworn enemies! Deformed, forewarned, formed, informed, mourned, performed, reformed and scorned. Dates of great storms! Family tree of hate, horns and thorns. My family tree of gore, horror, more, poor and sore. Perhaps of mishaps galore. Briefly sit

back! I’ll roughly take you back… Heck! Back to a time of attack,
blacks, slacks and whacks. My family tree of practical, tactical, methodical Aztec. Some beckon and reckon in seconds. A family tree of crime, grime and rhyme. A nation of communication, dedication,
dissemination, motivation and procrastination. The splendor of sin

of my corruptive, disruptive kin. They rely more on the color of one’s
skin. My family tree of abuse and misuse that misuses and seduces! Family tree of warfare and welfare legalities, moralities and family-prodigies. Picture this scriptural twist! Some assist on a kiss. I insist
some are idealities in social technicalities. Alcoholics, diabetics,

******, exotic, fantastic, Catholics, eccentric, horrific and poetic. I persist… some gnomes, some roam, some in poems, some with no homes. My family tree of adventuresome, awesome, handsome and troublesome. My family tree of beautiful and bountiful! Some are a
handful some handicap some locally and vocally-rap. Some slap,

gift-wrap and yap! Some are snuggly, pretty, witty or ugly. In my family tree, some crippled, some with pimples, some with freckles
and some that heckle. Some belittle and little, some wrinkled and old. Some are bold and pray to the lord! Some are Frio, meaning cold we
were told. Some I say, are poor with no Amor. Some are here no more, in my family tree of Amor.
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