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Mar 2012
Despite the cheers, fears, tears and years. In spite of pain or of the rain… the distain in vein! Oh dear it’s insane! Hear the reindeer as they adhere, jeer and peer? Now remember the chance and dance; their glance and stance. Wow! Remember how they pranced? Remember
September? Barefoot on top of bear’s soot. The colored leaves, in only

our shirt sleeves. Remember October and November? The heaps of discolored leaves. Remember December, remember the embers? Remember to achieve and to believe. Remember to grieve, to perceive
and to see. Remember above the coves, the doves and the shoves,

remember love! Remember the deranged and rearranged. Remember the angels, the angles, the dangles, the strangers and triangles. Remember the countless and the relentless. Remember the byes, the cries and the whys. The lies, the doggy-puppy eyes! Remember the

awkward and backward! Remember the smiles, the many, many miles... Remember the romantic picnics? The manic, the panic attacks! Remember the blacks and the smacks! Remember the debate, the fate, the great and hate! Remember and endeavor, forever…
Pierre Ray
Written by
Pierre Ray
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