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Mar 2012
Alone in my head, it feels like I am dead. Alone as a foe with only an afro and bow. Therefore, I bow my head. My name in blame and shame. Alone, depressed, disowned and suppressed! Astounded and dumbfounded in profound! I am unfound. Alone, I’m beaten and unshaven, I haven’t eaten. Alone, I was left a theft. Lost and forsaken,

could’ve you been mistaken? Cheated, mistreated and retreated. Alone, hear as I groan, as I moan! Seated and defeated! Alone near those depleted, repeated streets. Alone, my feet in torn and worn cleats. Alone in my own haven with black ravens, attacking and circling the havens and heavens thereof. Above, dark clouds gather

and loom together... Whether the weather be in doom or gloom! As those black ravens, zoomed in that proud weather with their feathers. Alone, am I left to atone? Is this my quest or a test? As I ask for rest of the best! Alone, must I learn to cope or devote? Alone, I hope not!
I alone, thee quote! Alone from within, never, never again?
Pierre Ray
Written by
Pierre Ray
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