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Pebbles Jul 2011
One day my words will scream in side my head
There will be a thirst unquenched
A hand unheld
And a million moments lost within the framework we call life
How to hold on when everyone about is drowning
Hold me up
Chuck me a life jacket
Where the hell am I
Hell this is no fun anymore
And as I turn to look into your eyes
Your laughing
This world is for the rich
The mighty sword holds tight
Across my chest
I breath in air
And choak out blood
Look down at your hands
As red as the lips in which you kiss goodnight
In the shade of the shining moon
Pebbles Jul 2011
Today i subscribed to your poetry
I wanted to get in touch
With your inner beauty
Not learn about what eats you up inside
To day I wrote I love you in a tex
I wanted to touch a heart
With the beauty inside me
Not hear about what a hard boring day yourve had at work
Today I held the hand of a child
That barely understands the concept of friendship
I wanted to help him learn
But he took his hand and hid
Unable to connect to the world outside
Today I saw the sunrise
And I dreamed of being somewhere else
This scares me because I'm ment to be in love
I loved you because
You saw in me what I never saw myself
I held you for a while
Before I knew I had to walk away
Today I made a note to self
Be grateful
Be wise
Be ready
To listen carefully
because boredom runs deep and if this is all you see
It will be all you get
To not take for grantage
That we all feel different
And at the end of the day the child held out a hand
In need of connection
Be ready when the sunset comes
To take hold of the moment
Before it disappears
Be grateful
Be ready
Be wise
Pebbles Jun 2011
The girl is  waiting for the moment just before midnight
The waiting driving madness further into her core
With every beat of her frail heart
She falls deeper into her self
Silenced only by the louder noise of wings flapping around her
What should she do?
She sits shocked in awe of such a beautiful creature
Feared by many
The girl knew only too well the ways in which we try so hard to think ourselves superior
And yet we fall when nature takes hold
Respectfully hiding our faces in the sand
The creature holds her gaze for a meer moment
Connection is made
Can you feel the invisable thread
can you witness
The tears that flow so freely
Cleansing the pain
Freeing the soul
Can you hear the heartbreak of the Dragon
As it sings the tunes of every heartbreak
Wanting the endings to be simpler
Less painful
Dragons have visions
The past is gone
And the future is beyond their control
The dragon out side her room
Is still breathing
As a single tear is seen trickling down his face
She holds on tight to the thought
That if a dragon can die of heartbreak
Then what hope is there for a girl as frail
And misunderstood as she
She lies beside him
When dawn breaks she finds herself alone
With a note left
'Gone back to the heart from whence I came'
Look after your heart well
For if the dragon in you finds it needs to be free from you
The pain must have been so strong
But now he has released that which he could no longer hold onto
He can once more be connected
To all that you have become
Pebbles May 2011
Your skin is so soft
Maybe for just a while you will come
And rest your weary brow
By my side
I know we are but friends
Just lie with me a while
Your skin is so tender
I will not touch of course im sorry
Come close your eyes
Your hair flows so freely
No I promise not to take hold
Of your soul
In the night
And set fire to your passions
Willing you to show me more
But we are just friends
Your mind is so troubled
Come tell me all
I will smooth away your troubles
Lie still

Oh how i want you
We are but friends
How sensual this moment

How can I put myself in this place of temptation
How can you lie there

That i want to devour you whole
I must
I must
I must

Release my chains of frustration
Your skin is so Tender
Your skin so so smooth
Please hold me
**I just want to be your friend
Pebbles Apr 2011
If you find

     that you are stumbling
along this road called

           please reach out          and take my hand

There is no need

to try so hard to survive

            Reach out
and soon you will be flying
Like a bird
Amongst skies so blue
And dreams so peacefully real
Pebbles Apr 2011
Sometimes you will see me walking corridors ahead
Unable to catch up
The hurrying  crowd will push by
Not understanding
Or knowing you even exist
I turn
You wave
I'm sorry
I need to feel free
To be grounded within this skin
I stretch
I moan
I long
And then I return
Back to fold in which I belong
Never worry that we are lost to each other
The ties are strong
And like blood
Poetry is our bond
The beauty
The honesty
The bravery to express who we really are
Creates forces which
Will never sleep
They ever beckon you home
To this madness
Houses change
Colours illuminate your face
And shadows are all we can see
At times things seem bleak
Then we notice that
For a while we will all congregate in the same halls
Because we are interconnected by threads
Of golden silk
Heaven illuminates our souls
And once again we shine
We know the hate
We know the love
We feel the pain
The misery
We council
We pass the brick
Which builds the bridge
We knock down walls which devide each other
We will always be
Just because thats the way
It was always meant to be

Feel, know and understand
Pebbles Apr 2011
Tonight I need the glow from an open fire
I need the embrace of warm coals
Which blackens my mind
But sets fire to my desires
Tonight I don't wish to sleep alone
Upon a cold sheet full of the
Yesterday's memories  
The warmth you left
lingers in corners
And whisper's my name
I look within
But find you gone
Long ago
When love was real
The fires grew strong
And the night's were full of the scent
Which only belongs to my heart
Tonight I search the grate for signs of you
Embers linger
There is a truth
That lies here
It feels so hollow
Tonight  I need the glow from an open fire
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