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Pearls of White Oct 2014
I sit still and watch
With eyes sharp enough to cut
As the grey ocean foam
Crashes on the sea wall

Hundreds of black stones
All with difference and irregularity
Stacked layer upon layer upon layer
Now wet, but still greatly unwashed

I sit on the edge
And look down on my feet
I scrape the callouses on stone
The sea foam washes but doesn't clean

I watch as the ocean turns black
My feet kicks the relentless foam
The stone wall remains intact
So I crumble in its place

The sea drags me out
I drink the abysmal drink
I sway to the whims of a lonely moon
I crash on a wall of indifference and regularity
Pearls of White Jul 2014
She stirs her coffee
He* m u  m   b    l     e      s,
stomach gRumBLes*
wrods fmblue
Pearls of White Jul 2014
On a night like any other,
I went outside to have a smoke
I saw a gecko on a tree
and to my surprise, it spoke!

Tsk, tsk, tsk
the lizard said
Its haunting disapproval
followed me to bed

The next evening, I came back
to see what its problem was
I asked, "You disagree with cigarettes?
I'll quit the habit, if I must!"

Tsk, tsk, tsk
the lizard said
I can't be certain, but I'd bet
it was shaking its little head

The following night, I returned
to again face cold-blooded judgment
I lamented, "Why do you torment me so,
without reason, with no argument?"

Tsk, tsk, tsk
the lizard went
By that time, my patience
was utterly spent

On our last meeting, I carried with me
a pair of scissors and ****** on my mind
As I approached the gecko with sharp intent,
suddenly the tail detached from its behind!

Tsk, tsk, tsk
the lizard mocked me as it left
Moonlight creatures claim another victim
Of my dignity, I am bereft
The common house gecko, more common in Southeast Asia:
Pearls of White Jul 2014
To look beyond yourself,
you must look over your shoulder

To look beyond yourself
is to see with eyes of another

To look beyond yourself,
you must learn how and when to share

To look beyond yourself
is to give more than you can spare

To look beyond yourself,
you must understand cause and effect

To look beyond yourself
is to be fair, to have mutual respect

To look beyond yourself,
you must recognize your weightlessness

To look beyond yourself
is to feel the weight of the world

When you look beyond yourself,
you carry the burden of others

But as you look beyond yourself,
you'll find that you're not alone
Pearls of White Jul 2014
there's someone I'd like you to meet.

Ferdinand is his name,
a great hero he's destined to be!
He was carved out from an ocean trench
Each limb, taken from the base of mountains
On his head rests seven thunderclouds
His heart burns hotter than the whitest sun

I want you to feel the terror of his mighty arms, swinging, lobbing jagged rocks at you

I want you to hear the volts and feel the jolts surging through your spine

I want you to fear him, to be frozen in shock and awe, to loathe him, to love him

I want you to see him too.

*I want Ferdinand to live!
Pearls of White Jul 2014
A word is just a word
if it's just one word

A word is just a word
be it seen or heard

A phrase, just a phase
a few minutes, hours, days

A phrase, when misplaced
leaves a man disgraced

A verse won't make a song
with no melody playing along

A will, however strong
cannot prevent all wrong

A way, when it is found
makes strength of will abound

A rhyme without reason
is like giving order to chaos

A sea is nothing more than
an infinite number of drops

A life is so much more than
a speck in an infinite cosmos

But a word may just be a word
silly, pointless and absurd
Pearls of White Jul 2014
I dive into deep, still water.
I make no sound,
not a single ripple on the surface.
There are no bubbles,
no pockets of air,
but I do not struggle.
I float in your essence;
heart and thought drift away
with familiar quietude.
Forever I remain
blissfully unaware that I
cannot swim.
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