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Pearls of White Mar 2014
The shutter closes
Plot points fixed in monochrome;
The story unfolds
Pearls of White Feb 2014
We're never naked;
always clothed with a shroud of doubt
Pearls of White Feb 2014
"The best memories are like overplayed mixtapes: they lose clarity and detail over time, yet they seem to sound better the older they get."*

We listen to the fourth round of Trois Gymnopedies
on our break from the second round of *******

Our limbs entwined, in part because we like it
partly because we're stuck together by sweat and--

The air is thick with scents foul and fragrant
as furniture music fills the gaps in between

Every breath stalls to anticipate the notes
fingers twitch slightly on the downbeat

Ten minutes ago, we made our own music
Ten minutes ago, we were in perfect harmony

She stares at the ceiling as I stare on her lips
I watch her mumble the lyrics Satie never wrote:

A pack of cigarettes,
a pack of cigarettes
Could you please buy from the store?*

We're taken over by uncontrollable laughter
as uncontrollable as the trembling when we came

She shifts to her side, and my arms are freed
I stand and pick my jeans from the floor

I take my time buttoning up my shirt,
soaking in the view before I run the errand

She lies naked still, as I put a jacket on
I leave on the fifth round of the Gymnopedie
Pearls of White Feb 2014
Hands in pockets
Guitar on her back
She's been waiting too long
to find a place she'll call Home
Tonight, she sings of cold weather
But spare change won't spare her from frostbite
Pearls of White Feb 2014
Your tiny frame fit in my embrace
Shivers travel up and through me
Electrifying, grounding
though it does not shock you;
You've always felt it
The spark within
Pearls of White Jan 2014
I will love you in the morning and in the mornings after that.
I will wake you everyday, cook your breakfast, make you fat.

I will run your errands, wash the car, clean the dishes.
I will do your homework and even finish your thesis!

I will swim the deepest oceans, ride a bike downhill
and I'll accomplish these goals, 'cause you've strengthened my will.

I will sit for hours with you, locked in meaningful stare,
utterly convinced no other beauty could possibly compare.

I will listen and understand, wait for you to make up your mind;
because of you, I've learned other ways of being kind.

I will hold your hand in public, hug and kiss you as I please.
Our Love Spectacular will be known across the Seven Seas!

I will feed your ego, as you would feed mine.
"Yes, that dress makes your *** look **** fine!"

I will take baths with you, and if I may be so blunt:
I will wash your back, but be more thorough with your front.

I will search for more films, more books for us to read
but you'll always be the only entertainment I'll ever need.

I will sing your fav'rite songs, and we'll make up a few of our own.
We will sing them to our children, even when they've fully grown.

We will grow old together, but I will look older than you.
I'd consider myself a good husband if you don't age past twenty-two!

Eventually I will forget
plenty of these things, I bet.

But know, one of these I hold dear.
My love, let me make this properly clear:

With you, I will love every moment eternal--- in fact,
I will love you in the morning and in the mornings after that.
Pearls of White Nov 2013
Shadows dance the night away
You ask me if I'm here to stay

Following the beat is tough;
The music isn't loud enough

Golden eyes that pierce the veil
In search of love, not fairy tale

Whispers in a cloud of smoke
I cannot breathe; I gasp, I choke

Forget me not, can't forget
Stuck in an endless pirrouette

Bodies close, our breathing, slow
The best (and worst) intentions show

Letting go of all things past
Not the First, but will be the Last

Won't deny this thing I've found--
someone to keep me safe and sound

I ask if you're here to stay
As shadows dance the night away.

— The End —