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Its the way she looks into my eyes....
Standing there she talks to the three of us staring into my eyes...
Through me, into my soul,
Radiation, that burns the chambers of my aching heart...
Burning away any doubts I had of her feelings & sending me once again tumbling into an oblivion of passion.
And then she’s gone!
Her trap has sprung!
Once more she has me trapped in her web of longing...
Woven and
Hooked on loves longing.
False perceptions??

Olfactory:  Your scent on my pillow
Auditory : Your whispers gentle in my ear
Tactile: Your lips so soft against mine
Visual: Your reflection next to mine
In my hallucinations, you are mine
I daydream of wooing her, hearing her say that she loves me, holding her, our fingers intertwined, shared passion.
One kiss....

Love is just a kiss away dearest Ann....
Just the gentlest of touches between thine lips and mine....
One scintilla is all it would take for us to fall tumbling impetuously in love.

The cosmos has conspired for our love to be manifest
From Genesis our love was destined to ignite,
One kiss would kindle an already unspoken passion into a roaring inferno of love
A conflagration of devotion,
romance and daily yearning would be ours....
She is my vision of loveliness. Yet the emblem of unrequited love
What is this sorcery that this woman has meted out to me?
Hypnotised, weakened, I somehow stumble through my day.
Shadows of people, echos of conversations pass through me and all I feel, and reflect upon is her.

I assail her with a thousand repentances “release me from the ******* of simply loving you”
But no, mutely, she pierces my heart with her maleficium, enslaving me in rapturous yet desolate unrequited love for her.
Ann’s enchantment weaved it’s spell upon me this evening when she visited & chatted to me.

Un: inappropriate
Requited : unrecognised

The love has fallen like the sword of Damocles and spilt my heart in two.

Love Disregarded
My lonesome heart collapses whenever we meet. Yearning for her.
I hear your spirit so clearly my love
It bawls at my heart and my soul  
Telling me that you are the one for me
You take  hold of me with talons of passion that have ensnared every ounce of my flesh and spirit .
Please take me my sweet
Devour me, all of me, gaze at this beating heart I hold precious for you.

Life without you is death
Death within you is eternal life
I just desire to exist in the invisible, unspoken love that I have for you.
I wrote this after a brief conversation with Ann. My heart & spirit were aflame with emotion for her. But she doesn’t hear,,,
Ann  has ignited a fire in my heart
That previously was a smouldering ember, barely alight
She has sparked a fire that consumes,flares and roars when ever I say her name or think of her

Her laughter fans the blaze
A smile that chars my soul
Fingertips leave stigmata upon my skin and kisses scald my lovelorn heart.
This fire is out of control, love it’s fuel
And my passion it’s heat.
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