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If I could write a song for her , it would be a serenade to the beauty found in the simple magic she  brings.
In the quiet corridors of my thoughts, a question echoes: Does she feel the symphony of emotions I compose for her?

Like a curious wanderer in the labyrinth of uncertainty, I wander the shadows of doubt, seeking clues in the music of her words and the brushstrokes of her actions.

Do my sentiments resonate in her heart as profoundly as hers do in mine? A silent inquiry lingers, weaving through the tapestry of our connection, waiting for the echoes of her response in the corridors of my introspection.
My love for you is a gentle stream that flows steadily,
a quiet force shaping the landscape of my heart.
It's in the simplicity of shared, secret smiles, the comfort of your presence,
and the countless moments where your existence colours my world with warmth and happiness.
This is a love letter that will never be sent 😭
In the cosmic ballet, we would reign my queen of celestial grace and I.
Through stardust  dreams, we'd soar, weaving constellations into our paradise, where love is the eternal North Star guiding our celestial journey.
In the quiet chambers of solitude, echoes of emptiness reverberate, consuming the essence of my being.

Loneliness, a relentless, insatiable hunger, gnaws at the edges of my soul, devouring the warmth that once resided within.

Each moment stretches into an eternity, as isolation becomes a voracious force, feeding on the echoes of laughter that have long faded away.

The silence, a relentless feast for the shadows of despair, leaves me hollow, a mere echo of the vibrant spirit I once knew.

In this desolate landscape, not a glimmer of resilience persists, as I attempt to navigate through  the labyrinth of my solitude, seeking the elusive dawn that promises to dispel the darkness within.
Surrounded by family & neighbours I feel alone.
I go out alone, return alone controlled.
In the vacant rooms of her home, echoes linger like melancholic ghosts, longing for her warmth that once filled the hollow spaces.

The silence, like a heavy cloak, drapes over every corner, emphasizing the void left by her absence.

Emptiness takes residence in her  vacant chair, the untouched books on  her bookshelf and the untouched memories adorning the walls.

Her house, once alive with her laughter and presence, now stands as a quiet testament to the echoes of what used to be not two days past—a seating silence yearning for her return.
She asked me to care for her house whilst she & her partner were away.
In moonlit dreams, Ann's beauty unfolds, a cascade of ethereal grace.
Silken tides of her presence pull me into the depths, where every glance becomes an ocean, and each smile, a sunken treasure.
As I drown in the sea of her allure,
breathless whispers of admiration linger,
lost in the current of her enchantment.
Im breathless Choking on my unspoken love for her. I’m gasping, clawing for any indication of reciprocating love
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