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She is the face
Of my reality
The breath I inhale
The sunshine
Upon my skin
The generator of beauty
I see, all around me.
Is a new beginning
To try again
I am determined
To aspire
To inspire
To explore
To break open
To create
To innovate
To transform
To be art
To love
To become
To persevere
To overcome
To discern
To enlighten
To be found
To be aware
To desires
To be understood
To shine
To be safe
To be strong
To be
To the end
I made a pledge
To never
Give up
On Today
Be someone’s
To smile.
The Big Bang
was but a spark
of all that exist
If you ever approached me
And kissed my lips
I wouldn’t be able
To find myself
Ever again
 Oct 2021 Paul James Woolley
all I ever said
was for you
for you
all for you
everything for you

never did I think
and me?
and for myself?
I have nothing now
I fantasize about sleeping with you
Under luscious white covers
My hands traversing over your
Thick sultry beard, your bright
Beige brown lips, sneak in for a kiss
Fervidly ****** your nose, your cheeks
Your half-moon eyebrows, the deep crease
Flowing in your forehead, your lustrous hair
Tell you that you are mine, my super fine
Sapphire, my divine diamond
You are a covetable
Lovable swan
My perfect sweet home
All the sheer freedom
I feel when I stand
In your nearness
The viewing pleasure
Of treasure
Paradisal paradise
In your **** brown eyes
Lips suffused
With stunning silhouettes
Cheekbones I long
To caress mine against
Eyebrows like a bell curve archway
With so much desire
I rise like a beautiful
Seaside sparrow
And sky in on your
Striking shoulders
And embrace
Your devotion
All the super coolness
That consummately cruises
Through your continent
Bringing me immense contentedness
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