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Paul Andrews Jr Dec 2013
You and I
Are like an
Economic ideal:
Perfect in theory,
But in practice
Doomed to fail
Due to that inevitable
Human element.
Paul Andrews Jr May 2013
It's late in the night
She wants to go for a walk
So she does. The end.
Paul Andrews Jr Apr 2013
Just so you know
Your air of nonchalance
That calm shell
You keep over
Your true emotions
Makes me want to jump
Out of a ******* window
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2013
***** wanna battle?
I will HM01 you.
Don't even try me.
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2013
The day had come
I looked down
At myself
The body I left
Unlike the spirit
Standing above
A soft, warm hand
On my shoulder
"Don't worry,"
She said
Her voice light and assuring
"You've done so well
With what little you had
I'm very proud of you."

Then Death took my hand
And we walked
To that beautiful place
At world's
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2013
Oh, that I were a stranger...
My name lost even to myself.
A filthy canvas of offense
And regret
Wiped clean;
All ties cut.
All debts paid
Or rather, unmade.
Nothing left but a shell,
An empty vessel
To be filled anew.
The earth would be all the better
Oh, that I were a stranger.
Paul Andrews Jr Jan 2013
I could scream all day
In my cage
Shouting all my questions
And curses
Behind sound-proof glass
My mind is a prison
That I built for myself
And this is a jailbreak
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