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Dec 2013 · 326
In Theory
Paul Andrews Jr Dec 2013
You and I
Are like an
Economic ideal:
Perfect in theory,
But in practice
Doomed to fail
Due to that inevitable
Human element.
May 2013 · 646
Feminist Fantasy (a haiku)
Paul Andrews Jr May 2013
It's late in the night
She wants to go for a walk
So she does. The end.
Apr 2013 · 340
Just So You Know
Paul Andrews Jr Apr 2013
Just so you know
Your air of nonchalance
That calm shell
You keep over
Your true emotions
Makes me want to jump
Out of a ******* window
Feb 2013 · 790
Ode To A Trainer (a haiku)
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2013
***** wanna battle?
I will HM01 you.
Don't even try me.
Feb 2013 · 487
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2013
The day had come
I looked down
At myself
The body I left
Unlike the spirit
Standing above
A soft, warm hand
On my shoulder
"Don't worry,"
She said
Her voice light and assuring
"You've done so well
With what little you had
I'm very proud of you."

Then Death took my hand
And we walked
To that beautiful place
At world's
Feb 2013 · 1.1k
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2013
Oh, that I were a stranger...
My name lost even to myself.
A filthy canvas of offense
And regret
Wiped clean;
All ties cut.
All debts paid
Or rather, unmade.
Nothing left but a shell,
An empty vessel
To be filled anew.
The earth would be all the better
Oh, that I were a stranger.
Jan 2013 · 717
Paul Andrews Jr Jan 2013
I could scream all day
In my cage
Shouting all my questions
And curses
Behind sound-proof glass
My mind is a prison
That I built for myself
And this is a jailbreak
Jan 2013 · 2.0k
Paul Andrews Jr Jan 2013
Oh, how infinitely small
And trivial I am
A single atom
A speck of dust
Within the cosmos
Vast and endless
Strange, how such powerlessness
Can be so empowering
Jan 2013 · 509
Paul Andrews Jr Jan 2013
Where to draw
The line between
And arrogance
Humility is so much
A healthy self-doubt
Keeps the heart
In check
Jan 2013 · 246
Paul Andrews Jr Jan 2013
What a beautiful
Terrible feeling
Washed over me
The day I discovered
I can do anything
Feb 2012 · 316
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2012
I wrote a poem
about my feelings for you,
words cannot describe.
Feb 2012 · 643
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2012
Thoughtful solitude.
Meaningful companionship.
Know yourself.
Love someone.
Look within.
Reach out.
The constant war
of Mind and Heart
Feb 2012 · 424
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2012
This place is a vacuum.
Physical compulsions to embrace
Nothing but air.
Memory teases,
The senses.
I feel,
But can't touch.
Will alone
cannot make you real.

You are my Phantom.
Feb 2012 · 347
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2012
Human perfection is a lie.
We are animals.
Hatred and greed,
our instincts.
To love
is to evolve.
Feb 2012 · 536
5th Period
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2012
This silence is deafening.
Endless rows
consecutive and parallel
with infinite gloom.
Time stretches.
Attention spans drop like flies.
Body counts rise
as heads fall
on desks
Feb 2012 · 470
Irony (a haiku)
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2012
Here in my fortress
I gaze at the peaceful world
Through bulletproof glass.
Feb 2012 · 732
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2012
These moments
of adolescent joy
and honest compassion
are fleeting.
Savor their presence.
Cherish their memories
and hold strong
for they are the rare fruit
of that elusive truth
that love is real.
Feb 2012 · 282
Twilight Reverie (a sonnet)
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2012
So falls the night again in this small room,
That light of heart and joys cannot be found;
And darkness fills this place with utter gloom,
For you have left this place without a sound.
You are my sun, forced down the sky to set.
The moon, it mocks your presence with false light,
So that my need for your warmth not be met.
It smiles that cold white grin all through the night.
Yet now I smile right back into the skies,
For I am sure that soon the dawn will break.
And then, my beautiful sun, you’ll once more rise
To light my life again for our love’s sake.
Until that time, in dreams I’ll confide
To be with you, and stand by your side.
Feb 2012 · 461
Through the Window
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2012
Out there,
nature plays;
the wind blows,
the tree grows,
seem trivial.
The only purpose
is continued existence
to thrive
from its

— The End —