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Paul Andrews Jr Jan 2013
Oh, how infinitely small
And trivial I am
A single atom
A speck of dust
Within the cosmos
Vast and endless
Strange, how such powerlessness
Can be so empowering
Paul Andrews Jr Jan 2013
Where to draw
The line between
And arrogance
Humility is so much
A healthy self-doubt
Keeps the heart
In check
Paul Andrews Jr Jan 2013
What a beautiful
Terrible feeling
Washed over me
The day I discovered
I can do anything
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2012
I wrote a poem
about my feelings for you,
words cannot describe.
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2012
Thoughtful solitude.
Meaningful companionship.
Know yourself.
Love someone.
Look within.
Reach out.
The constant war
of Mind and Heart
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2012
This place is a vacuum.
Physical compulsions to embrace
Nothing but air.
Memory teases,
The senses.
I feel,
But can't touch.
Will alone
cannot make you real.

You are my Phantom.
Paul Andrews Jr Feb 2012
Human perfection is a lie.
We are animals.
Hatred and greed,
our instincts.
To love
is to evolve.
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